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Steakhouses in NJ

My husband's birthday is tomorrow, Friday, September 27. I tried to think of a restaurant where there would be food he would like. He's a picky eater and he has tried some new things since I came into his life. BUT he still doesn't like: nuts, fruits, most vegetables, lamb, fish, shellfish, dairy products like sour cream.

So I figure that a steak house would be the best. However, getting to NYC on Friday would be hard. .

We live in Woodbridge. Any suggestions for good steak within 30 miles of Middlesex County would be great. Definitely willing to travel so he can have a good steak , potato and spinach and not have to eat "frou-frou" food that I like. [For reference, we went to Restaurant Nicholas and all he would eat was roasted chicken. Thank God, the restaurant puts the chicken dish on the menu year after year.]

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  1. you might try Steakhouse85 on Church St. in New Brunfuss...12 miles or so from Woodbridge. Haven't been there myself but have heard good reports:


    1. I am sorry you will have to do the leg work yourself, but I think Char is within 30 miles of you. Worth looking into if you have the time.

      1. The Strip House at the Westminster Hotel on Route 10 in Livingston. I think it just fits into your 30-mile target. Worth the drive, IMO.

        1. Ivan and Andy's in Asbury Park, if that's not too far.....

          1. Have you ever had rodizio? Fernandes in Newark would be my spot to take him. They bring out skewers or charcoal roasted meat, about 14 different cuts....chicken, all types of steak, sausage, lamb, pork, ribs, etc. This way there will definitely be something he likes, and if not, just don't eat it and get something else.

            They do have regular steaks to get too but I usually get the rodizio.

            Ps, show up hungry and make reservations. trust me, you will not be disappointed!

            1. Here are my suggestions for what they are worth……….

              Char in Raritan is the number # 1 selection. It is just about 30mins from Middlesex County…if it’s actually 35 or 40 it’s well worth the extra few minutes. It is less than 10 minutes from the Bridgewater Commons Mall.

              For a more traditional steakhouse you have two Ruth Chris about 30 mins from you as well one in Princeton and one in Weehawken. I have never been to the Princeton one but the Weehawken one is ok.

              The closest to you in your own backyard is Chris Michaels. This is a good steakhouse environment however I cannot stand by their product as much…but since it’s local I’m letting you know about it. Also there is a substantial night club next to the restaurant that on Friday and Saturday nights can bring in a crowd….if your looking for some nightlife after dinner this could be the best place to get both and be only a few mins from home.

              For the budget minded (although you did mention dining at Nicholas so sticker shock shouldn’t be a problem for you) I will add if you want a decent steak at a good price there is Arthurs Steakhouse in North Brunswick. This is NOT a quality steak on level with any of these other establishments.

              A “best of both worlds” suggestion for you would be La Griglia in Kennilworth. They are primarily an Italian Restaurant however they have a couple of prime steaks on their menu including a strip on the bone which is EXCELLENT. I’m sure you would find many things you would love there as well.

              If you want to come to the shore area there is as someone else mentioned Ivan and Andy’s however if you do a search you will find my review. I can’t really recommend the place overall……however the steak is prime dry aged and very very good. Just everything else stinks. Lol

              Ok last but not least…..from Woodbridge on a night like tonight you can make it into the City in probably about 45 minutes. I love the City….and there is NOTHING like true NY CITY…..steakhouse. This is what I would recommend Ben and Jacks go to the 5th Ave location near the Empire State Building.
              One block away and across the street is an excellent roof top bar which glows under the lights of the Empire State Building…although the rain today might allow the roof top to be open….starting there for a few cocktails then walking across the street to Ben and Jacks is my ultimate night out. Below is the link.
              If you don’t find something on this list that satisfies you than you should probably decide on another meal for tonight. Good luck and please report back!!!

              1. Oh and no offense to The Professor.....I have been to Steakhouse85 in New Brunswick and similar to Chris Michaels in Woodbridge...the place is very nice but the quality of the product I don't think is there. It's the "hip" local place for the New Brunswick scene but I wouldn't put it on the list as a go to place.

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                  I'll make a note of that...as mentioned, I haven't been there yet myself..just going by reports from folks who have eaten there who really seemed to like it.
                  I will probably finally give it a try myself sometime this winter.

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                    Thank you very much for all your recs. I'll see what my husband likes.

                2. A day late, but Houstons in Hackensack sounds like a place he would enjoy.

                  1. Also late, but food for thought next time -- The River Palm (3 locations -- Edgewater, Fair Lawn, and Mahwah; Edgewater being the best in my opinion). All close to major highways and maybe just a tad outside 30 minutes. The Mahwah location is right off 287 on Rt. 17 South. The Fair Lawn location is on Rt. 4, right off Rt. 17 and the GSP. The Edgewater location is just off 95 near the GWB.

                    Also, just north of the GWB in Englewood is The Assembly. It's a couple of miles north of the GWB, right off 95.

                    Hope you had a great time.

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                      Also after the fact but next time consider Segovia Steakhouse 471 Main St Little Ferry we had a party of 9 on Sunday night and there were several different types of steak on the table fillet mignon wrapped in bacon (2), bone in rib eye (1), skirt steak (4) surf & turf (1) with a massive lobster tail and two large tuna steaks blackened. Everything was cooked to perfection and very satisfying. It's not the same atmosphere as Segovia in Moonachie very subdued and highly recommended. There are a few other steaks on the menu too including a porterhouse for two and a 48oz T-Bone and a top sirloin. We have not been dissapointed in any trip we have made there.

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                        Haven't been to the new one, but really wanted to get there. Actually haven't been to the old one in a while either. I have heard good things about the new one and will have to make it my business to get there soon.

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                        I have heard some good things about The River Palm myself...the biggest problem for me is that if I"m going to drive all that way then Downtown Manhattan (without traffic) is only 15-20 mins away and the draw is just too strong for me not to go into the city.

                        I am anxiously awaiting AfganFoodie follow up to where she decided to go and what she/they thought!!! Where is the feedback?!?!?!

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                          I hear you. Being from North Jersey, getting into the city for me is like putting on socks. LOL.

                          The draw is certainly there. If you just want to have dinner, go home, not deal with heading over the bridge, through the tunnel, etc.; or the circumstances just come up -- go to The River Palm (Edgewater) or The Assembly. Enjoy.

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                            For a slightly unusual experience.........Strictly speaking only of real Dry Aged Meat.....both beef and lamb. Have a look here in Fort Lee.


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                              Hi--AfghanFoodie here:
                              We tried to get into Char but it was booked solid. We went to Ivan & Andy's in Asbury Park. The steaks were good but we weren't used to the char on the outside of the meat. Also, there was a lot of meat.

                              My husband had chicken wings for an appetizer and I had a clam and corn salad, which was good. For sides, we had mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. The creamed spinach tasted different than other steakhouses we have been to and found out it had gruyere cheese. It was a lot of food. Our waiter was excellent and knew the specials and the draft beers without consulting any notes.

                              However, our leftovers were wrapped immediately and left at the table even though dinner was not finished. Even though the dinner was filling, I had to have the apple pie.

                              All desserts come from Pies & Thighs in Brooklyn. The pie piece was big and good. I was disappointed that the only black tea available was Earl Grey, which I dislike. The other choice of black tea was Lipton. I shouldn't be surprised. Lipton was the only black tea offered to me at The Pluckemin Inn for my birthday dinner last year. Is it so hard to get Bigelow's at the supermarket?

                              This year I asked my husband to go to a tea room. Found one that serves "normal" food for my husband.

                              Thanks for all the input.