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Sep 27, 2012 09:01 PM

Steakhouses in NJ

My husband's birthday is tomorrow, Friday, September 27. I tried to think of a restaurant where there would be food he would like. He's a picky eater and he has tried some new things since I came into his life. BUT he still doesn't like: nuts, fruits, most vegetables, lamb, fish, shellfish, dairy products like sour cream.

So I figure that a steak house would be the best. However, getting to NYC on Friday would be hard. .

We live in Woodbridge. Any suggestions for good steak within 30 miles of Middlesex County would be great. Definitely willing to travel so he can have a good steak , potato and spinach and not have to eat "frou-frou" food that I like. [For reference, we went to Restaurant Nicholas and all he would eat was roasted chicken. Thank God, the restaurant puts the chicken dish on the menu year after year.]

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  1. you might try Steakhouse85 on Church St. in New Brunfuss...12 miles or so from Woodbridge. Haven't been there myself but have heard good reports:

    1. I am sorry you will have to do the leg work yourself, but I think Char is within 30 miles of you. Worth looking into if you have the time.

      1. The Strip House at the Westminster Hotel on Route 10 in Livingston. I think it just fits into your 30-mile target. Worth the drive, IMO.

        1. Ivan and Andy's in Asbury Park, if that's not too far.....

          1. Have you ever had rodizio? Fernandes in Newark would be my spot to take him. They bring out skewers or charcoal roasted meat, about 14 different cuts....chicken, all types of steak, sausage, lamb, pork, ribs, etc. This way there will definitely be something he likes, and if not, just don't eat it and get something else.

            They do have regular steaks to get too but I usually get the rodizio.

            Ps, show up hungry and make reservations. trust me, you will not be disappointed!