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Sep 27, 2012 06:34 PM

Chowish lunch near laguardia

Landing at 10am, meeting at the Marriott at 2-

Balancing carfare with foodie desires, do I go into Manhattan ($60 round trip) or is there a better alternative?

Help me ny hounds,,.

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  1. You should also post on the Outer Boroughs board for Queens questions.

    1. Both Flushing with dozens of Chinese choices or Elmhurst with virtually everything are close to LGA.

      1. Which Marriott? Marquis in Manhattan? There's a Marriott in Flushing, too, I believe.

        1. Unless you're paying for some $200+ haute cuisine meal, there's nothing worth tacking an extra $60 onto your meal for. And even then, I wouldn't do it.

          The answer is SriPraPhai or Zabb Elee in Queens, though that should be noted on the Outer Boroughs board. SPP is about 40 minutes by bus, Zabb a little less, maybe a half-hour give or take - either one is only about 10 minutes by cab.