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Sep 27, 2012 05:33 PM

HELP! Trying to find Venice restaurant

A few years ago, after reading about a fabulous restaurant on Chowhound, when in Venice, my husband & I ventured out to find it. We took a 30 minute boat ride to get there from St, Mark's. Lo & behold, found the place but it was reservations only. Needless to say, didn't get in. It was not well advertised, a lightbulb hung outside the restaurant & it's my understanding that there was no menu. You sit down & they start bringing out food. I MUST FIND THAT PLACE AGAIN & make a reservation this time. HELP me find it PLEASE!!!!! Going back to Venice in February. THANKS YOU ALL

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  1. Might be that a bit more information would increase your chances of getting the right answer.

    What year were you there?

    Do you remember the island where the boat took you? What direction? Private boat or did you take a vaporetto?

    When you discovered you couldn't eat there, did you eat someplace else close to it?

    Do you remember anything else about the surroundings?

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      Im thinking it could possibly be Dalla Marisa which is all they way at the end of rhe Caannaregio canal, and which offers meat or fish menus at the preference of the owner; reservations are needed. This was one of Johnny Apple's faves, I believe.?

      I think everybody has had an experience with these sorts of stories and restaurants - whapersonallthink it is rare that the food in obscure insider joints is noticebly better than other places tnotwithstanding their charm (sometimes) and the thrill of the chase.

      Im as prone to getting obsessed by these sorts of things as the next person, but given the short time most of us have for our travels, it can make sense to have fall back plans and realize that the , specialness of any given restaurant is probably only noticeable , most of the time, to folks who are more knowlegeable in the nuances of the local cuisine.

      1. re: jen kalb

        aw, jen. Maybe it really does exist.

      2. re: barberinibee

        Hi and THANKS for all your help! I believe the restaurant I am looking for is Alle Testiere. It was a Vaporetto ride away from St. Mark's. The only surroundings I can remember is that is was on a small canal. I think this restaurant does not have a menu? I'm happy with that. If you have eaten there, can you please provide any info you may have? THANKS AGAIN for all that answered!

        1. re: susanmcobb

          From your description, it doesn't sound like Alle Testiere. If you are at St. Mark, it is a 10 minute walk. One wouldn't need to take a vaporetto because no vaporetto will get you nearer. The nearest vaporetto stop for Alle Testiere is probably San Marco. Maybe someone gave you a round about way to get there. Until last year, it did not have a printed menu but recited and one order a la carte with lots of choices. They don't operate "you sit down and they start bringing out food'. Dalla Marisa that jan kalb mentioned on an earlier post fits that mode. Just one set menu for everyone, no choices. The menu is either all meat or all seafood. One call to find out which. It is in a very quiet part of Cannairegio, a long vaporetto ride from San Marco.

          1. re: PBSF

            You also mentioned that your mystery restaurant is on a small canal. Alle Testiere is on a small calle, no canal, whereas Dalle Marisa is.

            1. re: PBSF

              This may be the one! I wish my memory was better. It was a long ride from San Marco & very quiet. Shall do some more research. Thanks again

              1. re: susanmcobb

                I haven't been to Dalla Marisa for a number of years. If signora Marisa is still cooking and running the trattoria, it is worth going. She is an eccentric character.

            2. re: susanmcobb

              I just checked back in this thread and saw that Chowhound moderators had deleted my suggestion that the restaurant you are looking for might be Altanella.

              Here is the previous Chowhound discussion of Altanella, since you said you read about the restaurant on this board:


              I had also found a picture of the restaurant on the web and linked to it, and maybe that is why the Chowhound moderators deleted it. I have no idea.

              Anyway, I really don't know much about the restaurant but I mentioned it because you would need to take a longish boat ride to get there from San Marco, it is not very well known, and it was discussed on Chowhound.

              Since you now think the name might be Alle Testiere, I bring it up again because Altanella sort of sounds like Alle Testiere.

              Sorry, but I dare not include the picture again. But you might find it yourself if you a do a google search for "Altanella photo We Had Dinner Here The Night Before" It appears now they have a menu (and perhaps always did).

              1. re: barberinibee

                Oh funny -- I didn't scroll down enough on my smaller screen device to see that my 2d post was there -- complete with picture! But now I can't delete my 3rd one. Like the late great Rosanne Rosannadanna used to say -- never mind.

              1. re: susanmcobb

                Altanella definitely has a menu, so I don't think that is your restaurant. Nor is Altanella on a canal. It's on the Giudecca, and on Calle delle Erbe, a small side street.

                And it's definitely not Testiere since that isn't on a canal either.

                I think it is probably Dalla Marisa too.