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Sep 27, 2012 05:20 PM

Bob's Italian Food

Seeing as how I've lived here more than ten years and only brought home prepped pasta from Bob's Italian Food in Medford tonight, I suppose it's time to give them their own thread. I've read some comments in random threads here and there - curious about those large meatballs I read about.

They have:
-BBQ packs where you can get ready-to-grill meat - some marinated - for 15 which sounds like a nice idea.
-full Turkey holiday dinners
-antipasti, cold cut, cheese, crudite, wing, cannoli and Italian cookie trays.
-salad and fruit bowls
-couple, family, or party-size take-home dinners (lasagna, stuffed shells)
-a wide of sandwiches of the Boston standard varieties you expect; think "the full range" rather than a selection.
-a variety of soft, rather tasteless Italian-style breads (think scali)
-a slightly larger-than-average variety of imported Italian groceries (a second brand of Nutella, some imported bitter soda, etc.)
-a butcher shop
-a deli case with olives, stuffed peppers, stuffed mushrooms, a lot of stuffed things I don't recognize and MONSTROUS, softball-sized meatballs.

in a storefront that's approximately 500 sq. ft. (ok, kidding on that one).

What's good? What's not-so-much?

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  1. BTW, I bought home two couple-sized prepared pastas: one chicken pesto and one orecchiete with sausage bits, green bits, and an eensy bit of red pepper flakes.

    Both were seasoned effectively, by which I mean they accounted for the fact that these were held and refrigerated, which takes some experience. I consider re-seasoning of take-home entrees pretty standard, so I don't ding 'em for it. The pasta had some bite to it.

    It did taste kind of... corporate. The pesto chicken, in particular, was dry, thinly sliced (I imagine to save on chicken), and re-moistened with oil. I think the oil was olive oil, but not very tasty.

    Nonetheless, it was good enough to buy again if I don't feel like cooking and it's on my way home. And I'm sure I can find better with your help?

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    1. re: enhF94

      Bob's is definitely one of the best Italian style groceries/delis in the area.

      My recommendation is to simply enjoy the gem that you live so close by to...

    2. Decent pizza chiena for Easter. Quite like their sandwiches, a really good lamb tips one, for instance. Great for groceries and deli, if not quite Salumeria Italiana.

      1. This may be weird but they make delicious chicken cutlet subs. They take some pounded flat meat that has a light coating, fry it and put it on a sub roll. I eat it without the sauce. A number of their subs are good.

        As to the rest, it's more about the stuff they make than the groceries. Watch. You see people buying large numbers of the things from the cases. Because it's good.

        1. The imported Italian is fantastic...they slice the meat to order.

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          1. re: rknrll

            Second the imported Italian. Nice meat, beautiful rolls. I haven't had one in a very long time, maybe tomorrow? Subs in general are very good.

            They also put together nice trays of things like lasagna, sausage and peppers, etc. for funeral buffets, christenings, parties, etc. Reasonably priced, too.

            1. re: pemma

              Third that sandwich. One of those once a quarter is perfect.

              1. re: smtucker

                Fourth. I think it is called the "Deluxe Italian"

            2. re: rknrll

              I'm looking forward to this Italian sub; as a Boston transplant growing up with Oscar Mayer, serious cold cuts were a whole new thing for me. I just had one at La Cascia's and loved it, so it'll be fun to compare.

              Is sliced-to-order is a thing? Or just a nice touch because, I'm guessing, the meat doesn't dry out?

            3. They actually make one of my favorite steak and cheese subs in the Boston area. Pretty awesome.