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Sep 27, 2012 03:29 PM

Latest, greatest places for foodies in Iowa City area

Hello, fellow Chowhounders. We, my husband and myself and our 4 children (all mini-foodies under the age of 10) and our extended family, will be in the Iowa City area (staying at the Heartland Inn??) for a funeral this Sunday and Monday, and we are all obsessive foodies looking for yummy places to eat/consume cocktails, craft beers, etc. No chains please. However, it is Sunday, so if my hubby sees he can crawl to the NFL games on the big screens at Old Chicago, I may not see him the entire day. :) We are up for anything: pizza, and everything and anything ethnic! Any yummy food trucks circling the campus at all? Thank you so much in advance for any insight!

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  1. The old warhorse Paglia's just off of downtown is great for pizza , plus the tossing might be a great show for the kids.

    1. This is probably too much information...

      Lately I've been liking the pizza at Basta downtown IC and Exotic India in Coralville.

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        >>This is probably too much information...

        I wish they'd just lock that thread. IC gets enough discussion on this board that lumping it all into one thread isn't really necessary.

        I'm too late for the OP, but I'd suggest Wildwood BBQ for the whole family during the day. Your husband can catch the games, the BBQ is good, it's got a kind of honky tonk atmosphere and games that should help keep the children interested.

        Plus the drinking during the day and early evening isn't too heavy. That changes as the night progresses.