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Rosewood - New dim sum joint in downtown Toronto's Chinatown

Visited the recently opened Rosewood few weeks ago and it turns out to be quite good. It's another checklist place. Nice loft space with 2nd level. Food came out quick, waitress was friendly and attentive. Fairly wide variety of dishes including ginger chicken feet. Dishes that I particularly liked were the crystal buns and thousand layer cake. Siu mai wasn't bad either. Early bird price $1.88 on weekdays before 11am. Overall, dim sum quality was good. It's now my new favourite in Chinatown!

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine
463 Dundas West
Toronto, ON M5T 1G6

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  1. +1 ... especially for their happy hour, which i think was .. before 11 or 11:30am.

    1. Four of us went yesterday evening and although we enjoyed, we didn't think the food was that much better to be particularly differentiating. Service very solicitous, as of a new place. Space very open. No liquor licence yet. $80 for all four all in.

      1. anyone else can comment? I've been disappointed with all other dim sum so far on spadina so hope this place is good

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          Yeah it's pretty good, certainly a step up compared to most Chinatown spots. But I was there on the weekend, no special, and found it slightly pricey. But I'll go back. The space itself is very nice.

        2. Has anyone tried anything other than dimsum here?

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            I've never had the dimsum but I went with a friend once for dinner. Portions were massive and the menu had a lot of items that we were unfamiliar with, like a noodle dish where the noodles themselves were made of pork? Food was decent; I've been meaning to go back with someone who might be able to better navigate the menu.

          2. Hi
            I will be heading to Toronto this weekend - does anybody know their Saturday hours?
            Do they take reservations?
            Is it cash only?
            ...and do they have tables that can hold a party of up to 10 people?
            Sorry for all the questions!

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              No idea about hours but they take cards and can do large groups.

            2. Thanks for starting this thread. Have been wondering about this spot! It definately looks pretty and inviting from the outside. Will check it out!

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                Had their dim sum today, while things tasted good, they're not very refined. Har gow wrapper was very thick but fortunately tender, the filling was small morsels of shrimp but good flavour. The steamed rice rolls were made from sheets of flat ho fun and rather thick so the soy sauce didn't have much chance to penetrate. Taro pastry was not crispy nor flaky enough. One item I've never had before was "Chicken feet in ginger sauce"- they were cooked until very tender in a broth flavoured with "lesser galangal". This is quite different from the usual chicken feet (which they also serve) which are deep fried and then stewed with a sauce. The good thing was I didn't get a terrible thirst afterwards which meant there probably wasn't a massive amount of MSG. Will be on our roster.

                BTW their Chinese name means Fuchow Place, so there are Fuchow items in their dinner menu apart from Cantonese fare.

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                  Hmm interesting what kind of Fujian items did you see on there?

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                    We only took a quick glance at the dinner menu, all I remember was fish balls with nori, something with mashed taro (芋泥), and "guo bian" (鍋邊) - a kind of rice noodle served with soup.

                    They also have some 10-person set dinner menus, as well as combo dinners, but the majority of the dishes are Cantonese.