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Sab-E-Lee dishes I should order?

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going to the Linda Vista location soon with a friend. I haven't been in a while and would love any favorite suggestions.

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  1. Drunken Noodles. Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups. Spicy Fried Rice w/beef. Penang Curry.

    I started eating there just a year ago and I haven't explored the menu enough to feel like I really know the place yet. I order spice level 3 for hot dishes, or 2 if I'm with my girlfriend. 3 seems like a good balance of heat.

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      Thanks! Last time I was there a #5 hotness killed me. I'll go 3.

    2. Somtum (papaya salad), panang curry, and chicken larb are my stand-bys. They have a Volcano Fish dish at the one in Santee that I really like, but I don't think it's on the menu at the original location.

      1. Raw Beef. It's not raw.

        1. I have an almost constant craving for the Pork Larb. I really enjoy the Green Papaya Salad, the Raw Beef Salad and Steamed Pork Leg with Rice. My wife loves their soups and the Kai Kua. Love that place!

          1. Our standby dishes are the salty fish fried rice, duck larb, spicy raw beef, red curry, and pork leg with spicy basil sauce.

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              salty fish fried rice
              shrimp larb
              tom kha

            2. Overlooked but really good: their fried chicken.

              +1 on papaya salad, at least at a 5 level.


              Pad se ewe.

              Some sticky rice.


              1. I usually get the Papaya salad along with a few entrees. The bamboo shoot salad is good but often too spicy (and I love hot foods).

                I am a big fan of the drunken noodles and the pork leg with mint (thai basil). I had the charbroiled pork (Nahm Tok) last week and wasn't thrilled with it.

                1. Lunch there today. OUTSTANDING. As good as I remember and my asian food savvy friend was impressed. Papaya Salad, Tom Kha, Curry Panang, Spring Rolls, Thai Ice Tea. Next time Drunken Noodles for sure, Raw Beef, Salty Fish, and all the other things yall are recommending. A Definite San Diego treasure.

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                    good to hear. Anyone have the Tilapia dish the last few months? Been curious about that.

                  2. After reading this discussion I tried this place the other night. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to order any of the Isan dishes, so it wasn't as great as it could have been.

                    Red curry with tofu was the best dish we ordered....a 4 spicy level had a good amount of heat, and the pieces of eggplant in the curry were super soft, as if they had been pre-cooked a bit before being added to the curry. Also contained lots of bamboo shoots, and the serving was large.

                    Fried egg rolls were pretty standard, fresh spring rolls weren't that good (too much lettuce and sort of bulky, with a few plain tasting shrimp)

                    Crab noodles were a bit too dry, sort of like a crab pad thai but dryer and with less flavor. I was hoping for something with a bit more of a sauce, though this dish might always be dry.

                    Saw lots of nice looking food on other tables, and prices were very reasonable, so I hope to go back at some point.

                    Dave MP

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                      My favorites include

                      bamboo shoot salad (spice level 3, I usually order level 5 but find that salads are typically too spicy at level 5, possibly because the lime makes it taste spicier)

                      duck larb

                      grilled pork neck

                      napa cabbage soup

                      Can't wait to go back.

                    2. I just went for the first time. Boy is it a small place. We arrived a bit before noon. Good thing as the line became rather long. I had Panang Curry level 4 spicey. Perfection. I saw many very interesting dishes on the other tables. I would go back more often if I could generally make it that before noon. Great prices too, of course.