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Sep 27, 2012 01:17 PM

Starbuck's Verisimo coffee maker?

I love the convenience of single cup coffee makers, but although I've tried many, I keep returning to a Melitta filter drip machine so that I am not tied down to specific branded coffee pods. I know that for this reason it's unlikely that I'd be happy with the new Starbick's machine, but am interested if anyone has as yet seen/tried this new machine, and what they think of it?

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  1. I'm guessing you're a Starbucks fan in the first instance, otherwise I can't imagine getting a single-serve machine that locks you into Starbucks coffees exclusively.

    We have a Nespresso Pixie which I really like (does expresso/coffee). Yes, you're limited to Nespresso pods but there are DIY alternatives that let you use any coffee of your choosing.

    1. I went by the SLT i used to work at yesterday. They'd just gotten their demo machine in so my friends that still work there wanted to try it out for me(rather than a "real" customer LOL).

      In a word: NO. Just no. You do not want this. They made me a latte with the milk and the coffee pod. It was really watery. I had to go over to the Jura machines and add a couple shots to make the Verisimo sample drinkable.

      I suspect this machine is going to be a bomb. If you like the pods stick with something that uses the Keurig pods(I'd recommend the Breville machine as they seem to hold up the best). LIke ferret, I have a Nespresso machine...I love it but it can get spendy if you are drinking multiple large cups of coffee a day.

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        The Capsul-in cups are easily filled with the coffee of your choice and work great in the Nespresso machines.You can find them on ebay (average around 15 cents per cup):

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          I also had a latte made by this machine today and mine was watery too. The Dolce Gusto is better than this and that's 1/2 the price and also uses a milk and coffee capsule. The milk capsule for the Starbucks wasn't bad but the end result wasn't very good. The capsules are also $13 a box while the DG ones are about $9. I LOVE my Nespresso Pixie. Perfect lattes every time!

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            Dolce Gusto machines are terrible. We had constant returns on them due to leaking. I would not recommend one of these for someone looking for a pod machine. I also would not recommend a K-Cup machine branded by Keurig itself as they also have very high return rates due to either leaking or the machine just stopping.

            1. re: ziggylu

              Sounds like you got a lemon. I have to Dolce Gusto machines and a bunch of friends have them too. They are more than awesome. The coffee is strong, the milk rich and the flavour is amazing. The machines are sturdy and work very well. The one I have at home gets a serious work out daily and I had no problems whatsoever. I buy the capsules on sale usually for $7.

              I had a Tassimo at first but returned it after a few days because the coffee and especially the "milk" was horrible. The "milk" by the way is artificial and probably not something one should drink anyways.

              I wonder if the Starbucks capsules would fit the Dolce Gusto...

              1. re: josey124

                I was happy with my Dolce Gusto too until I got the Nespresso Pixie. The lattes I make with it taste worlds better than the DG. I use the NIDO powdered whole milk in it and froth it, and then add a 4 oz. pour of the Ristretto capsule and a sprinkling of cinnamon.. It's heavenly!

                1. re: josey124

                  I don't have one. I worked in s store that sold them. Our return rate on the was ridiculously high and the company stopped carrying them.

                  1. re: josey124

                    No Starbucks won't fit dolce gusto. The TASSimo milk isn't artificial but uht milk.

                    1. re: ziggylu

                      It only states "milk product" or "milk creamer" and the ingredients don't sound like milk to me. It also doesn't taste like milk to me.
                      Either way, I rather stick with the DG

            2. I recently got a Keurig Vue, and have been very happy with it. I've been through several of these types of machines (Keurig, Tassimo Brewbot, can't remember the one before!!!). The Vue is a very good machine. I need STRONG coffee, and it does a great job. It still doesn't get hot enough to match the quality of a French press, but they're getting closer. As far as specialty drinks in these machines, I've never had good luck. The Tassimo latte was putrid IMO, and the Vue doesn't do much better. I stay away from those kind of drinks in these machines. It does do very well with tea and hot chocolate, as well as iced coffees.

              I still default to my French press. These machines just can't stand up to it yet. Good luck deciding!