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Sep 27, 2012 01:06 PM

Mobile Planning

I'm headed to the gulf for a quick trip and have a day on my own in Mobile before we head (further) south. As a northerner (seattle), I'm hoping to try any regional specialties, unique eats, what have you. A little loop is that I'm there sunday morning until monday mid-day.

So here's my plan, based on my own research, but would love suggestions/substitutions (was bummed to miss out on brick pit and bayley's due to not being open sun/mon)

Breakfast: Time to Eat
Lunch: Queen G's
Dinner: Wintzell's

Late Breakfast: Boiling Pot
1st Lunch: Dew Drop Inn
2nd Lunch: (probably take with me in the car) Ossie's BBQ

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Consider John Word's or Felix's Fish Camp on Battleship Parkway. Stop by the Battleship Alabama and visit the Museum. If you like BBQ I would visit the Brick Pit.

    Felix's Fish Camp @ 1530 Battleship Parkway, Spanish Fort, AL 251 - 626 - 6710.
    John Word's Restaurant and Jazz Cafe @ 2701 Battleship Pkwy., Mobile AL 251 - 433 - 3790.

    The best BBQ in the area is at Brick Pit. Get off I 10 at Exit 15B and go N on Highway 90 for 3 miles to Demetropolis Road. Take a left and continue on Demetropolis Road which becomes S University Boulevard. Go about 5 miles from the left you took on Demetropolis to Old Shell Road. Take a right and go to Brick Pit for outstanding BBQ.

    The Brick Pit @ 5456 Old Shell Rd., Mobile, AL 251 - 343 - 0001.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Unfortunately, Brick pit is closed Sun/Mon, so won't be able to go there. Will check out the other suggestions!

      1. re: dagoose

        Original Oyster House is nice.

        Original Oyster House @ 3733 Battleship Pkwy., Mobile, AL 251 - 626 - 2188. I10/EXIT30.

    2. Thanks guys! I ended up doing these:
      -John Word's for breakfast
      -Queen G's for lunch
      -Wintzell's for dinner

      -Dew Drop Inn for Breakfast
      -Boiling Pot for lunch

      All were great, favorites was Queen G's, and I thought Boiling Pot was unremarkable...

      Will have a full blog post and link it here when I do.