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Sep 27, 2012 01:00 PM

Dinner - with reservations - after Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

We're going to be at Hardly Strictly in GG Park on Fri next weekand want to go for dinner after.
Doesnt have to be within walking distance but should bw somewhere we can reserve in advance and on that side of hte city/that general area as we head over the bridge afterwards.
One of us in vegetarian. I've been scrolling through the boards and havent had much inspiration
was thinking about Nopalito?
Love Aziza but want something little less pricy this time
Was thinking about Hard Knox but might be a hard sell to the vegetarian.
also know parking is nightmare around Clement and Inner Sunset

Any suggestions?

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  1. Oooh, you are going on the good day: Elvis, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and The Sadies!

    There are lots of Chinese restaurants near hsbg, mostly on the Richmond side. I have toyed with the idea of going to the dumpling house on Balboa a few blocks up the hill from the movie theater (King of Dumplings or Shanghai Dumpling KIng?). That is very walkable from the Fulton street bus stop nearest hsbg.

    On the Sunset side, I once went to San Tung on Irving before going to see Robert Plant and Alison Kraus at hsbg.

    I am usually exhausted by the end of the day, so I would say that casual would be best.

    1. Smart move to get reservations, but most places on that side of the city seem to be walk-ins only.

      There's a list at Nopalito, but they don't take reservations as such. It is sure to be swamped. Koo sushi takes reservations.

      The area around Hard Knox is terrible for parking on a Saturday night. If there's not immediate parking, I usually find parking on Lake. That said, I don't find the food at Hard Knox to be very good. India Clay oven a few doors down is solid Indian food and rarely crowded, but nothing out of the ordinary.

      Troya and Chapeau are some other options in the Richmond that take reservations.

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        2nd on La should be quiet enough to talk.

        Park Chow, upstairs on the deck might okay.

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          Decided on Troya since we've been to Chapeau! (and like it) and didn't know Troya.
          Got an 8.30 reservation at Open Table, arrived at 8 and they were able to accommodate us. Good start! Like decor and fact that it wasnt too noisy. Shared zucchini cakes and borek for starters. Zucchini cakes were ok (actually we were inspired enough to make some from a Mario Batali recipe at home next night which were really good)
          Borek were delicious - had raisins and pine nuts along with traditional cheese
          Had Chicken Guvec which was delicious - 2 large crisp legs with succulent meat and delicious almond & coriander sauce (though found carrots didnt realy add anything to sauce)
          Portion was so large that I took 1/2 home
          My partner had ahi kebabs which were good if not memorable
          We tried the Turkish white wine which was surprisingly good - like a dryish Sauv Blanc more european than New Zealand style so more honey citrus flavors than grassy and strong citrus
          Thanks for the suggestion

          1. re: sonomajom

            Thanks for the report-- glad to hear it worked out!