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Sep 27, 2012 12:46 PM

Dinner in Everett near Comcast Center?

Hey all-

Headed to a concert at the Comcast Center in Everett in a couple weeks and was hoping for any dinner recommendations you might have. Truly any type of food is fine as long as it's tasty and fresh. Would love to be in walking distance to the arena so we can park once but would be willing to go farther away for better food. I've searched around a bunch and haven't found much.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. If the concert is on the weekday, a possible option is Anthony's Homeport at the Marina next to the navy base. Parking is free and before 6 PM they have their 4 course dinner that's around $25. You just need to make reservations.

    Around the Event Center, you a couple pizza places which are enjoyable. There's a bbq place a couple blocks down towards the Everett train station. The bbq is okay.

    The food around the event center is all mediocre where you can find something depending upon your mood, but nothing really pops!

    1. try the majestic cafe on colby. though the food has gotten a bit inconsistent since their location change, it is usually really good. and if you like dessert/chocolate do not miss the chocolate cake. really fantastic. purchased a whole cake for a birthday and folks still ask me about it.

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        also, if you like good bbq, look into the depot cafe. easy walk from the arena.

      2. Buck's American Cafe, Terracotta Red, Majestic, the New Mexicans and Prohibition Grill are all within walking distance of the arena and are good choices, in my view.

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          Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. They look like great choices and should make for a nice adventure up to Everett to eat and see the Pumpkins next week.