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Sep 27, 2012 12:33 PM

Help with bfast spot between Monrovia & the 405

I'm looking for a spot to have bfast on Saturday (not this weekend with the 405 closure). The furthest points people are coming from are Monrovia and Sherman Oaks - so, somewhere in between would be ideal.

My short list so far:

Aroma Cafe

I haven't been to either spot - any thoughts between the two? Or should I avoid altogether? I'm looking for good food + a relaxing atmosphere (both holding equal weight - with atmosphere being the tie breaker, if need be).

Ideally, I'd like to keep it somewhat close to the 101/134, for proximity sake. Studio City area-ish would be ideal.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I moved away six years ago, but visited an old favorite during a visit last year. It's still credible. LeRoy's in Monrovia. Great diner breakfast.

    More toward the middle is Pasadena, and I remember enjoying Marston's in that area.

    In Studio City, the only place I've been to for breakfast is Jerry's Deli. It was fine, but you know, it's just Jerry's.

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    1. re: taz99

      Thanks, taz99.... Marston's was my first choice initially - was trying to pick something new and a bit more west.

      Also 100% agree re: LeRoy's - great diner option! Looking for something a little less diner, this go around.

      1. re: The Oracle

        yeah, I re-read your request and realized you specified atmosphere. LeRoy's definitely is not where you go for atmosphere. unless you were a huge fan of Al's Diner on TV back in the day.

        I often tried to figure out this same breakfast issue, with friends from culver city blending with friends from points farther east (ontario, glendora.) there weren't that many options. surprising, given the size of the area!

    2. Have you tried EAT in NoHo? Definitely worth considering based on my one visit to have breakfast with my Burbank located brother... (although I will not nominate it for an sort of "atmosphere" award...a basic room).

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      1. re: Servorg

        I have not and will add it to the short list!

      2. The perfect place to go is in Pasadena with easy access to the freeway. Try Marston's Restaurant at 151 E. Walnut St.

        1. Little Dom's

          Peach Cafe.

          1. I assume you mean the Aroma Cafe on Tujunga, yes? Been there for dinner; thought it was fine, but don't know if it has much of an atmosphere, per se.

            Caioti next to it does serve weekend breakfast and is still very casual (but perhaps has slightly better ambiance?). I've only been for dinner and thought their pizzas were actually quite good.

            Green Street Cafe is good for brunch but sounds like it'll be too far east. Square One is also great but is likely too far south....

            Square One is