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Sep 27, 2012 11:42 AM

Where to buy Acorn Flour/Meal?

Anyone know if Acorn Flour is sold in LA?
My son learned how Acorns were a traditional food of Californian Native Americans. I would love to buy some Acorn Flour and try to make something the Native Americans may have eaten. In the same vein, perhaps a local Native American restaurant may serve this?


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  1. Seeing this web site makes me think that you should check with some of the larger Korean Markets in K town for this product such as Han Kook Supermarket for one.

    Han Kook Supermarket
    124 N Western Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
    (323) 469-8934

    1. If you really want to make it accurately, you will have to make it yourself. Korean acorn flour is not quite the same as American acorn flour - the American acorns have more flavor. Also, the Korean flour you find in supermarkets is so finely milled that it is like baby powder, while the Native Americans grind theirs more coarsely. A Tongva tribal member who was guiding me in recreating a recipe said that if I had to use Korean acorn flour then I should mix it with a coarse wheat flour to get the approximation of the right texture, but it would still be smoother than if it had been made with real California acorn flour. .

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        Thanks Servorg-I thought this was a great idea and was going to report back after I got some Korean acorn flour.

        FoodObsessive-great comments. Acorn flour sure sounds hard to make with the washing and such. (and I hate to say, if it tastes good I'm sure a lot more of it would be around, right?)