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Cafe 47 Back Bay

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Does anyone know anything about this place. Back in June their facebook page said they had sold and the new owners were opening in the fall...

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  1. It's going to be an indie chef-owned thing called Asta, with a prix fixe concept. Principal is Alex Crabb, who was a sous at L'Espalier; I believe he was also the guy that made the food at Atwood's Tavern pretty interesting for a while.

    Asta looks kinda fancy and creative. Coupla food pix here, courtesy of BoMag: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/article...

    I like the look of that squid.


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        I think he likes the Photoshop job to hide the eye. That there is food plated for photographing and not eating. Scallops with farro: cilantro, pomegranate, blueberry, Japanese eggplant over a torched base (w/some kind of seed spice and presumably sugar compound for carmelization). Since this is presumably the second chef at Atwoods (the first was waiting at Magnolia last I knew) I do like his food, but jumping from there to a tasting only menu seems like a stretch to me. Hopefully a good stretch...

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          He was sous chef at L'Espalier for five-plus years.

          Staged at Noma, too. That had to leave a mark.


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          Whole squid is sexy as hell, but that whole cuttlefish I got at Estragon a couple of years ago still haunts my dreams. That baby was *zaftig*. Fed a table of ten.


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          47 Mass Ave near Marlborough, a couple of doors down from India Samraat. Was a Greek pizza place called Despina's for years, failed after the owner tried to take it a bit more upscale.


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            is it, or India Samraat in a cellar space? Back in the early 70's there was a cellar level vegetarian place on the public garden side of mass ave, near Beacon, called Root One................

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              India Samraat is in a ground-floor space. Kebab 'n Kurry was an Indian spot in a nearby basement space on the other side of Mass Ave for many years. It's now that fondue place, the Wine Cellar.