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Sep 27, 2012 11:11 AM

Beer for Bibou

I'll probably catch flack for this; does anyone have any beer recommendations for dinner at Bibou? Will I be laughed out onto the streets and subsequently chased for bringing beer?


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  1. Also, is the tasting menu served nightly or does it require prior request?


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    1. re: cocobinga

      You can order the tasting menu any time you want *only if* you are sitting at the two bar seats. Otherwise, you need to let them know in advance.

      I've seen people bring 750ml bottles of vodka there and mix drinks at the table, so you should be fine with beer. I'm not sure what I'd pair with a meal at Bibou though, something light and not overpowering, you want to taste the food, not the beer. Maybe a wheat beer or pilsner.

    2. It's fine to bring beer.

      If you're in the area, I'd swing by Local 44's beer shop and ask. They could definitely help you out.

      I'd probably choose something Belgian, but that's a huge field, and it doesn't address what you're having to eat.

      1. I am thinking that a golden triple shall go nicely...perhaps a Chimay?

        Once upon a time I attended Frank's wine-tasting dinners frequently for many years. However, I never developed a knack matching wine with food. When I started going to Studio Kichen this year, I took with me beer, sake and, sometimes, just plain mineral water. Guests there have yet given me any flak dispite the fact that I usually was the only person who showed up without any wine.

        Folks at Bibou are very pleasant. You'll be fine with your beer. The only thing there that requires prior request, to my knowledge, is the bone marrow since they prepare only a few servings per day.

        1. BYOB.....Briing your own beer, right?

          1. If you decide ahead of time what you'll order, Draft magazine online has a beer style guide with suggested food pairing for each style. Personally I would go with a Belgian Blond Ale or Belgian Pale Ale. Maybe a Kriek or Framboise for dessert.