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Sep 27, 2012 10:41 AM

Good Thai in North York

I'm looking for a good thai restaurant for a casual dinner tonight. I live at bayview and sheppard. I'm prepared to drive 10-15 minutes. I'm not interested in going to linda's at the shops in DM

Thank you

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  1. Thai Plate is quite good and is about a 10-minute drive from your location.

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      1. re: tochowchick

        I am sorry to report that there is a for sale sign in the window of Thai Plate and the restaurant has been closed the last few times I drove by.

        1. re: nuts4food

          The owners are in Orilila with their location on Memorial Ave.
          One of the owners will probably return to Toronto and reopen and run Bathurst St.
          Will keep all posted; the meantime visit scenic Orillia.

          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            Just searching for a Thai restaurant for tomorrow and Thai Plate sounded so promising until I found this thread. Where would be the next best spot to try around the 401/DVP area or even up in the hwy 7 region?

            1. re: sumashi

              Linda at The Shops at Don Mills is close to the 401 & DVP area.



              what to order at Linda:

              I like the beef penang and Thai Islam Noodles. Neat monthly prix fixe specials, too.

              1. re: prima

                Thanks for your rec, prima!
                I'll have to try Linda another day since we actually ended up going to Kinnaree (mentioned below) My parents recognized the address as the old Thai Angels place that they went to long time ago. I had only been to the really old Thai Angels down at College. The chef/owner's aren't the same as I remember from those days.

                I really like their version of mango salad and their pad thai was good. I like that you can taste the tamarind in their tom yum soup. They suggested coconut rice so we ordered a bowl - I was surprised to find it served so sweet! I think they went a bit overboard w the sugar considering it's not meant as dessert. The coconut flavour is good though and I always love coconut rice. Prices are reasonable.

                Service was great and the couple running the place seem really sweet. Fairly quiet night with just three other tables filling up while we were there.

            2. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              A sign for Congee 168 is up at the old Thai Plate site on Bathurst. I hope it's good, but I'll really miss having Thai Plate in the neighbourhood.

      2. Kinnaree 80 Ellesmere Rd.

        1. Thai Bistro at 5306 Yonge St. opposite McKee Ave between Finch & Sheppard. Food is good as long as you can stand the reputedly rude waiter/owner.

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          1. re: syoung

            The place is terrible. And not exactly clean.

            1. re: evansl

              I haven't been for at least 2 years but that's a outlandish claim that you provide no support or explanation. They get a lot of repeat customers and recent reviews on food sites such as urbanspoon remain positive (except for their bad service which is their reptuation).

              If they were unclean, I rather doubt they get so many returning customers. Care to elaborate on why they're terrible and dirty?

              1. re: syoung

                Why are they dirty? It's real complicated - they have dirt. Why is the food terrible? It doesn't taste good. One dish had that horrible tenderized to mush beef you get in the worst buffet (and Federick).

                Reviews from places like urbanspoon, yelp are worthless. A large proportion are phony. And just like half the population is below average in intelligence, most people can't tell good food from bad. Plenty of really horrible places get glowing reviews.

                1. re: evansl

                  Evansi, you say reviews on urbanspoon and yelp aren't credible. Yet you claim a place isn't clean, and when asked to explain that position, with facts, all you can say is "they have dirt".
                  In your other post, about Pearl in Bayview village, you use the word "Abomination" in the title of your post. To be frank, I would find your opinions more credible if you didn't use hyperbole and didn't trash everyone else's opinions.

          2. Thai Plate is / was the best I could find in the neighbourhood. So much great Korean, but no great Thai for some reason.

            1. well, I could tell you not so good.
              Thai place (sorry I can not remember the name) at nymark plaza (don mills between sheppard and finch): I have only had the pad thai and it is expensive but you did get alot however, was just okay.
              spring roll at fairview: uhmm. chain so m'eh
              Linda: we went ONCE and that was enough for me.

              Hope you find somewhere and let me know since I crave pad thai