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Please help identify this gadget

This gadget was found in my grandmother's kitchen things. I have been searching for months to discover what is this gadget. Can anyone help?

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  1. That must be a dough or ravioli cutter.

    1. I collect vintage green handled kitchen tools and I'm guessing it might be a corn cob scraper... to get the kernels off the cob. But I'll keep my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with something else...

      (If it were a dough/ravioli cutter the metal part would revolve like a wheel)

      1. How long/big is it?

        Where did your Grandmother live and what is her ethnic background?

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          Originally from Georgia. Spent many years in Philly.

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            I've seen something like it before, I think its a tool for scraping ice and frost out of the freezer from the days before they came up with "frost free".

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            The entire tool is about 4'' long.

          3. Are the serrations sharp at all? I was thinking pasta cutter but the sides are tapered strange. Also thought some sort of citrus spoon if it was sharp, or a fish scaler. Tough one. Could even be some sort of decorator for scraping icing or something on cakes.

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                I reminds me--depressingly--of the grapefruit spoons in my parents' everyday sterling except it is a kitchen tool not a table piece, and the spoons were pointed. Perhaps it is some sort of core-ing gizmo..but not really long enough for that, is it? My parents also had a long chute-like thing with serrations for coring and slicing down the sides of melons.

                I say "depressingly" because I loathe grapefruit and melons and was constantly being entreated to "try again." It took years before I could convince anyone that I hate the stuff. Still cannot abide the smell

            1. I don't know what it is but for some reason I want to scoop ice cream with it.

              1. Could be an old school tomato shark.

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                  Could be but the shape and size of the OP's gadget would be too large to poke into the stem end of a tomato... I'm sticking with a corn cob scraper.

                  1. Looks like a cheese or marrow (squash) scoop to me. http://images.google.com/search?sourc...

                    1. There's a strong stout handle so it's used on something at least moderately tough. I was going to say a pumpkin/gourd scoop. But a square head would be a poor design. I see the sides aren't perfectly straight but are a bit concave, perfect for....corn cobs. I'll have to agree with Gio and say corn cob scraper.

                      1. If you have an Android smartphone, try taking a snapshot with Google Goggles to see if anything matches.

                        I can't tell what it is. FWIW, my grandmother's kitchen items often had things in it that weren't exactly meant for the kitchen but somehow ended up there.

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                            Did this. The results were not helpful. But thank you for the suggestion.

                          2. Thank you all for your ideas!

                            1. I have one more thought... If all else fails you could take your gadget to a second-hand store that sells vintage kitchen tools and other such antiques. These utensils were made in the '30s, '40s '50s... some have black handles, some have red, and as you have some green. Good luck in your quest.

                              1. Long Shot:

                                Take more photos showing both entire tool and various angles/close-up; send you to Cooks Illustrated with your question. Who knows you might get mentioned in a future issue.