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Sep 27, 2012 10:02 AM

AKASHA last night

simply too bland for my tastes.
the specialty coctails were nothng special.
the food: not bad but not good either.

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  1. I've never understood the appeal that Akasha holds for some. I've tried them a few times for a light dinner at the bar and came to the same conclusions as you. I think I remember liking a few things okay, but that's about it.

    1. You crossed the 405 for Akasha?? At least make it your worthwhile next time.

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      1. re: TailbackU

        it was an invite to a "break the fast" get together.
        wasn't my choice of venue.

      2. I've been to lunch there a couple of times, once with Mrs. O and once with an old friend from up north. We've all liked what we had very much: burger, mac'n'cheese, Salade Niçoise, pizza. All quite good, not spectacular, but for the money quite satisfactory. Dinner would probably be different, with a different set of expectations.

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        1. re: Will Owen

          the fish entrees were about $32 or so.
          at that price was hoping for something about which i could be enthusiastic.
          at that price level, the whole, deep-fried branzino that is served at lukshon, not far from akasha, is a far better dish than the smallish branzino filet that was served at akasha.
          the vegetarian entree was about $15 or so, but better vegetarian food could be found down the street at native food.
          as i said before.
          it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either.
          nobody in my group is a "comfort food" devotee, so none of that was ordered.
          for salads, i'd go to 26 beach.
          for pizza, i'd go to stella rossa, milo and olive, 800 degrees, or cafe del rey.
          burgers are everywhere.
          just don't see any reason to go there if i'm in the position of selecting the restaurant.

          1. re: westsidegal

            You've given me several reasons to avoid that place for dinner! But since this Pasadena kid is seldom out that way after sundown, it'll be an easy choice anyway. Especially since he never buys any $30+ fish …

            1. re: westsidegal

              I've been there a couple of times for dinner and like you I had a not so good experience. Not only it's expensive for what it is but the portions are small. I'm normally not a big eater but I left each time hungry.
              Also each time I was there it was during winter when it was raining and I was really cold, even though the restaurant was packed (and loud). The service was very sweet and competent, but I don't think the food lives up to its prices.

              1. re: bad nono

                if i'm going to have small portions at high prices, i'll go to Cafe del Rey and have a superb view, attentive service, white tablecloth, tables far apart from each other as to be conducive to conversation, quiet enough to have a conversation, not being rushed, comfortable seating, wines by the glass that are not overpriced, and on and on and on--basically a much more civilized meal in every respect for the buck.

          2. for what it's worth there's a 50% off LA Weekly daily deal today for them...

            1. Haven't been there since a terrible Thanksgiving dinner almost two years ago.