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Sep 27, 2012 09:57 AM

quickly cooked country style "ribs". anything else?

hello everyone.

last week i found this recipe here on chow,
and i was very skeptical of it. i have always braised country style ribs. but i bought a pack of these yesterday, slapped my rub on them, and seared em on all sides in a hot cast iron skillet. and then put it in the oven till everything was about medium. i got ready to take the first bite, expecting to be chewing all night....

but it was absolutely divine. sure its not as tender as a tenderloin, but the little bit of chew it had was very nice.

im curious if there are other cuts of meat that generally get braised that are excellent quickly cooked?

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  1. At our corporate restaurant we steam the country ribs to tenderize them prior to grilling. This step also helps in rendering the fatty pockets.

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      im sort of disgusting, but the fatty pockets are my favorite part.

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          agreed. beer, and lard, are proof that god loves us.

    2. thin chuck steaks are god. I find the thin flanken short ribs, korean style, to be pretty chewy.

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        by chuck steak, do you mean chuck eye steaks? ive always loved them even the thick ones are tender enough if you dont cook them past medium. med rare they are great. a little chew and lots of good beefy flavor.