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Sep 27, 2012 09:52 AM

1 day in Boston

My wife is going on a bus tour with her mom and they are spending 2 days in Cap Cod and 1 day in Boston. I think they get dropped off at the Quincy Market area. I know thats a culinary wasteland around there but she has limited time and my mother in law is the cheapest woman in the world, she'll eat free saltines if she can save a buck (thus the bus tour). My wife is looking for walkable decent local restuarants that are as cheaply priced as possible. For Cape Cod they are staying 2 days in Hyannisport. Just assume both places it must be walkable because she won't let my wife spend money on a cab,

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  1. Is this for lunch? If so, Gallaria Umberto (Hanover St , North End) is a short walk from Quincy Market and is uber cheap (Menu items range from $1.35 to $4.50). It's counter service, stand in line, get your food and sit down, but two people can be fed well there for $8-15 depending on what you order. I recommend the arancini (rice ball filled with cheese, meat, sauce, and peas), panzarotti (herbed mashed potatoes fried with mozzarella cheese in the middle), the pizza, the panini (ham, salami, cheese baked into a roll), or any of the calzones.

    1. I agree on Galleria Umberto. Some other options depending on the day/times if you're walking up towards Government Center are the food trucks (Staff Meal is my favorite there) at City Hall Plaza and Cafe Latino in the Center Plaza building

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        One might also swing through Liberty Square, as there are bound to be a couple of trucks there (frequently Redbones and Momogoose).

        The trucks are generally very cheap and good; you can check out a map view and the specific schedules of the trucks here for whatever day your wife and her mom will be in the city:


        1. Gallaria Umberto is a great suggestion but make sure you get there early.

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            All sounds good, my wife loves food truck food and since we are trying to convince my mother in law to let us convert her late husbands tool truck into a food truck this might be a great way to show her the benefits of food trucks (that don't existin her small southern town).

          2. Sultan's Kitchen is a very short walk from Quincy market and has first rate Turkish food. You order the food at the counter and then there are nice tables at which to eat the food. A typical main dish there is about $8- 11.