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Sep 27, 2012 09:34 AM

Where are some good places in Griffintown?

Looking for good restos in Griffintown for all prices high end and regular...No fast food pls

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  1. How about Le Hangar (1011 Wellington)? Think it's owned by same people who own Le Locale, good food and atmosphere and moderately priced.

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      Griffintown Cafe, Bistrote, Jane, Nora Grey are my faves.

    2. Griffintown Cafe! yum city! There's no website but it's great!

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        Use to be great but since they sold the place it kind of lost it's special touch. Brunch went from being my favorite to not worth my time. It's too bad.

        1. re: causeimhungry

          a friend of mine ate at Griffintown for lunch, and reported that her " 'grilled cheese with apples, anise and chevre' was day-old bread with cream cheese and cumin seeds sprinkled inside." She was more than underwhelmed.

      2. Le Local is just on the Eastern edge of Griffintown, so it counts in my books. Hangar I thought was pretty good, though a tad pricey. Also Jane and Nora Grey are worth trying.
        Others in the area include the belle of tripadvisor, Duo.D, southern BBQ at Boucan, and vegetarian at Bonny's..

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          Though I don't necessarily recommend the last 3...

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            Just to weigh in, I am a pescatarian, and I was seriously underwhelmed with Bonnies. I eat veg. most of the time and I've had way better veg. food at places that serve meat as well.

            As for Boucan, I just ate there and it was really good. But since I don't eat meat, I had the cajun shrimp and the salmon- probably not the most popular dish. I liked the atmosphere, but was totally weirded out that they never gave my friend, who was eating ribs, a finger bowl. If you specialize in ribs/bbq you should give your clients a finger bowl!

        2. thank you all Is Atwater Market considered Griffintown? The restos there?

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            I'm not sure where the dividing line between Griffintown and Little Burgundy lies, maybe Rue des Seigneurs. However, I'd say Atwater Ave is the dividing line between Little Burgundy and St. Henri, so I'd place the market in St. Henri. Of course, borders are always very fluid...

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              If you are going to eat closer to Atwater, there are quite a few popular/trendy places to try. i sadly haven't tried too many of them but Joe Beef and the Liverpool house are supposed to be some of the best restos in the city. I can say that I found the Burgundy Lion ok, but I'm not in love with their menu. I really liked Limon, but haven't made it there in the last few years. You're making me want to try more places around there!