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Sep 27, 2012 08:37 AM

Suggestions Needed in Anaheim for Groups

I will be attending a conference in Anaheim soon. There will be about 2500 people at this conference, so as you can imagine, groups form & go in search of dinner. More often than not, I get to lead the way. I've never been to Anaheim so I am at a loss.

I have two dinner cases:

1. Groups that include customers so more of a business dinner. Price point doesn't have to be high but it can be. Must stay away from food that doesn't have mass appeal because there can be a wide variety of tastes. (I have seen suggestions for The Ranch which I think may fit this bill?)

2. Groups of foodie co-workers where we'll try anything. We are coming from Calgary so we have great Vietnamese but otherwise open to anything. (so far I have Thai Nakorn and El Moctezuma as possibilities for this group).

I know it's vague Thanks in advance!

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  1. Near the convention center are a lot of chain restaurants like Morton's, Ruth's Chris, and Roy's which would appeal to the business setting. The Ranch is also a good choice, it's new and the food is very good. I like Roy's though, it's nearby in the GardenWalk, and while it's a chain restaurant the food and service are really good, especially on an expense account.

    As for the adventurous eaters, there are so many choices within driving range. But are you OK with taking a group to hole-in-the-wall places with iffy health standards but great food, or trying to keep it upscale, clean, but still a unique or interesting experience?

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    1. re: kingkong5

      Though I am definitely the lover of all things hole in the wall...maybe not the iffy health standards. :) I will also be there for 5 days before the conference so any reccos that are unique or interesting would be awesome.

        1. re: Servorg

          I think that Park Avenue has slipped, and is not that great. It is, however, very fairly priced, so that if cost is a major factor, Park Avenue might fill the bill.

            1. re: Servorg

              Happy about that! Although we had enjoyed Park Ave. in the past, the last few times we were there it was quite and service. Perhaps they were just off nights.

              I still think that The Ranch would be my pick for a group dinner in Anaheim.

      1. re: kingkong5

        The Ranch is an excellent choice, as is Mr. Stox which is also in Anaheim. Both have very good food, terrific wine lists, and definitely appropriate for business dinners. I'd probably choose The Ranch! (Be sure to book want the Restaurant, not the Saloon )!

        The Catch in Anaheim is also quite nice but not quite at the level of The Ranch or Mr. Stox.

        Although as already stated, all of the big chains are nearby, but I tend to avoid them when traveling.

        1. re: josephnl

          Ok...follow on question. Would The Ranch be ok with a 5 year old? He's well behaved...I just want to make sure that it isn't a super slow, drawn out dinner place. I may try to go there before the rest of the group gets into town.

          1. re: Merry113

            The Ranch is an upscale, but not overly formal restaurant. A well-behaved child will be just fine there. I'm quite sure that the servers can pace the meal as you want, and everyone including your little boy should be able to have fun there. The food is great, the service is very friendly, and it's an overall terrific restaurant. I like Mr.Stox a lot also, but it would likely not be as comfortable for a child (it's more formal, white tablecloths, etc.). Go to The Ranch...have fun...and do report back!