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Sep 27, 2012 08:13 AM

Restaurant near Wellington/Blue Jays Way for dinner

Would like to have dinner with a colleague within walking distance of Wellington/Blue Jays Way in downtown Toronto.

Any suggestions? Open to Italian, Steak, Mexican, and Seafood. Would prefer larger portions than some fine dining places offer. Budget is $75 max (tax/tip) per person, no alcohol.

Fred's Not Here?

Kit Kat?


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  1. I haven't been to Kit Kat or Fred's Not Here in a million years so can't comment.

    Buca? Tutti Matti? Khao San Road? Rodney's By Bay? Mercatto?

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    1. re: peppermint pate

      Hi peppermint pate ~ we chose Tutti Matti since it was the closest (within walking distance) after being on our feet for 14 hours. So disappointed we didn't make it there as we ended up working way too late, but it's on my radar for next time. Thanks for the great suggestions!

      1. re: red dragon

        Thanks red dragon - where's the "there" that's on your radar for next time?

    2. I'd go to Milagro or Paese.

      Le Select has a good steak frites, which could work with your budget.

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      1. re: prima

        Canteen in Bell Lightbox could work Miranda

        1. re: prima

          1+ on Milagro given what the OP is looking for.

          1. re: JennaBean

            Sold ~ for our next place to dine!!

          2. re: prima

            Milagro sounds great for Mexican; thanks!