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First Time NYC Visit For 2 Days (Rooftop, Beer Recommendations)

I'll be making my first visit to NYC in a few weeks for my girlfriend's birthday. She has been to the city a few times but this is my first trip. The last time she was there she went to 230th & Fifth rooftop and loved it and wants to go back for her birthday. I'd rather see if there was a better rooftop bar since she has already been to that one and I'm sure there are other great ones out there.

Also, I was looking for a couple recommendations as far as:

Best pizza...

Best place to get a craft beer (preferably Capt. Lawerence)...

Restaurant...looking for a place that is beautiful inside


I'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square.....Thanks for any help, I do appreciate it!!!

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  1. My recs:

    Birreria for rooftop.

    The Cannibal for beer.

    Motorino, Keste, or Don Antonio for Neapolitan pizza.

    Lincoln or La Grenouille for a beautiful interior and great food.

    15 East for sushi.

    1. You can combine the rooftop and the craft beer at Birreria (http://eatalyny.com/eat/birreria), I haven't been myself yet but it's a nice-looking space and the beer part was done by the people at Dogfish Head, who are well-regarded. It's a little spendy, but if you like rooftops you'll have to get used to that.

      1. Pizza- Keste.

        Beer- DBA

        Sushi- There is better but I'm an Ise fan.

        haven't to Birreria but i know people that have love it. i have to get there soon.

        1. Rooftop - make a reservation for Gallow Green. Great punches (done by David Wondrich) and snacks (food by the Employees Only chef). Not much of a view but a beautiful garden old timey atmosphere.

          1. Hi... i really like the rooftop at the ink 48 hotel... beautiful views!! and not too far from your hotel!

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              +1 for the Ink48; a great NY venue, and nearby the OP's hotel.

            2. Just finished a weekend in NYC myself. We went to the rooftop at the James Hotel, really nice views.

              Sushi....15 East, get reservations for the sushi bar (you have to call for those). They had 4 types of sea urchin when I went on Monday...truly fantastic.

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                I'm not wild about the rooftop at Eataly. The other suggestions are all good. The Empire Hotel has a nice roof across from Lincoln Center.

                For craft beer I suggest The Pony Bar. It's at the corner of 45th and 10th Avenue, near your hotel. They are constantly changing the taps there and it is all American craft beer.

                I prefer Don Antonio. Keste is very good too.

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                  Incidentally, I've been told Don Antonio and Keste are sister restaurants, whatever that might mean.

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                    DA was opened by a person that owns a pizzeria in Naples and the guy that owns Keste.

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                  I have to chip in about the Empire:
                  I suspect well-paid PR agents are flogging the place, because otherwise it can't be considered anything other than a dump. I know 'location' is important, but drinking even the best cocktail under the rays of a high-powered neon sign, next to an ugly railing that lets you look out on MacCauley Culkin's pad and only it -sorry, but life's too short for that kind of scam.

                3. 230 Fifth is definitely not my favorite bar in the world as it can get kind of douchey. That said, it is definitely a place I take tourists as the view is spectacular.

                  For beer, I suppose that depends on where you will be hanging out. If you are at 230 Fifth and want to switch to a beer bar, head up to 33rd and go to Rattle N Hum. They have a very good selection. Near your hotel is the Pony Bar which focuses on local and North Eastern US beers. If you are in the Village (or end up there after the high line), which I think all tourists should head to then go to the Blind Tiger. That is the city's original craft beer bar. Let us know where you will be hanging out. Also try www.beermenus.com.

                  Best Pizza is highly subjective. Are you looking for NYC or Neapolitan Style?

                  Sushi--How into sushi are you? Depending on your level there may be some places that you will love that won't break the bank.

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                    Lol *blush*

                    I really like 230 5th. I went a couple of times over the summer and loved it.

                    For the OP, I went to an event just a few nights ago at Haven and it's pretty similar to 230 5th if you want something similar but different. Between the two, I personally would opt for Fifth. Haven is narrow and the views on one side are partially blocked by other buildings.

                    A really beautiful restaurant but with pretty good food is Villa Pacri. This restaurant is what I want my house to look like. :). The major Issue I have with this restaurant is 100% obscene prices they charge. Even if you're not paying, and I'm guessing you will be, you still feel cheated but it could be worth it if it makes her happy. :) I'm a sucker for interesting decor.

                    Does anyone know what happened to the Imperial No. 9 space at the Mondrian? This was also an insanely beautiful space, just too bad that part of the block was depressing.

                  2. For her birthday I'd suggest a fancy place like the Jimmy, rooftop of the James hotel..

                    Much better than 230 5th av..

                    1. To find Captain Lawrence, go here: http://www.beermenus.com/places/797-c...

                      Or visit the brewery in Westchester.

                      1. Rooftop - The Jimmy or Ink48. Ink48 is convenient to where you are staying.

                        Pizza - Motorino (though expect a long wait), Co is ok too. Unfortunately I can't vouch for Keste but based on extensive research, probably worth a shot.

                        Sushi and restaurant really depends on budget.

                        1. Birreria on the rooftop at Eately. A great selection of beer, an interesting menu (check it out on line) and a view of the Empire State Building. As a local, I can see that it is easy to overlook the value of the view, but this is a place I bring people from out of town and they love the view.

                          By the way, I am not familiar with the 230th & Fifth rooftop. Does the place have a name?

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                          1. Looking for a sushi place that wont cost $200 for two people...looking for a nice sushi place and looking to keep the bill around $100

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                              If you want excellent nigiri and high quality ingredients, $100 for two people including tax and tip will be difficult. Cheap sushi isn't good, and good sushi isn't cheap, you know?

                              If you just want maki rolls, try Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya.

                              1. re: JustinH2

                                You can go to Sushi Yasuda and get the Sushi Matsu. 12 pieces and a roll for $36. You get all of your sushi at once but it is still very good.


                              2. Thinking about buddakan for bday dinner? Good idea?