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Sep 27, 2012 07:40 AM

First Time NYC Visit For 2 Days (Rooftop, Beer Recommendations)

I'll be making my first visit to NYC in a few weeks for my girlfriend's birthday. She has been to the city a few times but this is my first trip. The last time she was there she went to 230th & Fifth rooftop and loved it and wants to go back for her birthday. I'd rather see if there was a better rooftop bar since she has already been to that one and I'm sure there are other great ones out there.

Also, I was looking for a couple recommendations as far as:

Best pizza...

Best place to get a craft beer (preferably Capt. Lawerence)...

Restaurant...looking for a place that is beautiful inside


I'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square.....Thanks for any help, I do appreciate it!!!

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  1. My recs:

    Birreria for rooftop.

    The Cannibal for beer.

    Motorino, Keste, or Don Antonio for Neapolitan pizza.

    Lincoln or La Grenouille for a beautiful interior and great food.

    15 East for sushi.

    1. You can combine the rooftop and the craft beer at Birreria (, I haven't been myself yet but it's a nice-looking space and the beer part was done by the people at Dogfish Head, who are well-regarded. It's a little spendy, but if you like rooftops you'll have to get used to that.

      1. Pizza- Keste.

        Beer- DBA

        Sushi- There is better but I'm an Ise fan.

        haven't to Birreria but i know people that have love it. i have to get there soon.

        1. Rooftop - make a reservation for Gallow Green. Great punches (done by David Wondrich) and snacks (food by the Employees Only chef). Not much of a view but a beautiful garden old timey atmosphere.

          1. Hi... i really like the rooftop at the ink 48 hotel... beautiful views!! and not too far from your hotel!

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              +1 for the Ink48; a great NY venue, and nearby the OP's hotel.