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Sep 27, 2012 07:20 AM

Online wine sales to double over five years, says economist

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  1. I can understand this trend. Since my first online purchase 3 years ago I would say I buy about a third of my wine online now. It took awhile to find sites that I trust but I have been pretty happy with most of my choices. Of course the wait for shipping weather means that online purchases are not for instant gratification.

    1. And then there's this.......


      Wine distributors, most legislators, many regulators and many others in the wine industry have demonstrated they have little or no care for the rights or desires of wine consumers. In state after state, laws have been passed that don't merely affect the rights of wine retailers to ship into those states, but essentially prevent wine lovers from procuring the wines they want to buy. If you are a wine lover and if you care about responsive government, equitable laws, a broken and corrupted system of regulating wine or simply about obtaining the wines you want, then you should care about the SWRA.

      No other organization in America has demonstrated a willingness to fight consistently on your behalf when it comes to legal access to wine. When the state of Illinois passed a new law in summer 2007 that prohibited Illinois wine lovers from purchasing wine from out-of-state retailers in the way they had been able to for 15 years, only the SWRA opposed it. SWRA helped rally hundreds of Illinois wine consumers in opposition to the law. Yet despite this only a handful of Illinois legislators, no winery organizations, no wholesalers and only one in-state retailer opposed the law.

      Even in the wake of the groundbreaking 2005 Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court decision that spoke to the need to make state wine laws fair for in-state and out-of-state shippers, there remain powerful, well-monied forces that are working hard to prevent consumers from obtaining the wines they desire. SWRA is urging wine lovers to stay informed, stay engaged and make your voice heard. We are here to help you do that.

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        Wow! Thanx for the info. I have lived in California so long that I have forgotten the odd and inconsistent liquor and wine laws we have in many of the other states. This falls in the that hazy area of states rights vs federal, and in many areas advocating for increasing the availability of liquor is a non-starter for local politicians.

      2. zin, a collective thanks from those who don't spell "economist" in lower case.

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          Well, I always thought The Economist was a magazine, whereas an economist was someone who often spoke but no one ever understood what was said . . . ;^)

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            I write for The Economist, and my stubborn editor insists we will remain a newspaper and not be a magazine, despite my protestations. She is always right, naturally.

            A Eurocentric article on your topic would be interesting, if ever the world would calm itself for a week or two and make way for something pleasant.

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              That is just asking too much.....:)

              1. re: sedimental

                May we dream for peace, however temporal and illusory?

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                Well, I almost *did* write "newspaper," and your editor -- like my old one -- IS always right (though in this case, I think she actually is) . . .

                As for Eurocentric, it's worth remembering that the original Decanter article (which *is* a magazine) only mentions UK retailers and e-retailers.