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Sep 27, 2012 06:14 AM

Le Cinq Cheese Trolley at Lunch

I am wondering if the cheese course is included in the fixed price lunch at Le Cinq, or is this a supplement. I tried to use the search function for the answer, but I could find some posts mentioning the cheese cart, and others did not. Just want to know what to expect at my upcoming lunch.

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  1. It's a supplement but I think some have asked for it in lieu of dessert.

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      That makes sense now. Maybe I will have to ask for that. I am sure my wife would be willing to offer a bite or two of her dessert to me anyway. lol

    2. l always ask it instead of dessert and most of the time they just give me both.Even when they do not give me both , they always offer the cheese cart to anyone at the table.