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Sep 27, 2012 05:58 AM

Dinner Fort Greene with college student

Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant for dinner in Fort Greene or nearby for dinner with our Pratt college son? We've read a lot of posts and most of the restaurants and menus seem a bit too cutting edge. Looking for something more old school - Italian, Northern Italian, French, French Bistro, Continental - all OK. Nice sit-down dinner but doesn't have to be 5-star. Nearby OK also.


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  1. Ici is good, simple French-New American food. Locanda Vini e Olii is old school northern Italian. Haven't been there myself but most seem to like it. The General Greene and Walter's are both solid American places. No. 7 is my favorite in the area but might be too out there for what you're looking for.

    1. I'm sorry if you needed a rec for this weekend, but just in case dinner is still pending, I recommend Chez Oskar on DeKalb for funky French bistro or Dino's for Italian across the street. Both excellent, with relaxed vibe. Le Grand Dakar is a terrific Senegalese place on Grand, even nearer to Pratt than the other 2. Also chic and easygoing.

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        Just a heads up, Grand Dakar has been closed for a few months now.

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          Oh no! Didn't realize. Too bad--I was a fan.

      2. Absolutely second the choice of Locana Vini e Olii. Some of the best Tuscan food I've ever had in NY. I'd also recommend Anima for a slightly more accessible Italian place. Their menu has a lot of familiar Italian dishes but done very fresh and well. Great wine and specials too.
        I always recommend Olea too - Mediterranean tapas, lots of great choices and it's a beautiful place.

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          Wow--we loved Olea. Live around the corner but made it finally with friends a few weeks ago. Every bite we had (white anchovies in particular) was terrific. And 2 excellent roses. (That's pink wine, I'm talking about. Can't seem to type the accent mark.) One Greek, one Spanish, both very reasonable.

        2. Thank you everyone for the replys. Went last weekend and we ate at Walter's. Very happy with the recommendation. Food was good and atmosphere (bar/pub) was perfect. Will likely try one oft he other recommendations next trip.