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Sep 27, 2012 05:17 AM

Adult & kid friendly brunch

I'm having a brunch for my son's 2nd birthday. Most of the guests are adults (about 15) but there are 4 young kids. I'm looking for ideas for brunch that both adults & kids would eat. I'm planning on making sweet potato pancakes since I know the kids will eat them, scones, fresh fruit but after that I need some help. Does anyone have any ideas for items that might please the young and old?

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  1. can you make the pancakes ahead and hold them, or will you be making them to order? the latter will be a major p.i.t.a. you could do a sweet potato "hash", or a home fries sort of thing, both of which hold well and can be in advance.

    how picky are the kids? you may want to some pinwheels or small roll-ups with foods you know they'd like. peanut butter and bananas or raisins, cream cheese and turkey, etc. these will be small enough for little hands and easily portable if they are running around.

    you can make quiches or frittatas that can be made ahead, warmed or served room temp. mushrooms and goat cheese, ham and gruyere, roasted red peppers, basil, sausage and parmesan all work nicely. deviled eggs always get snapped up at my brunches too.

    fruit and yogurt parfaits look pretty and can be eaten with a spoon by little ones.

    1. I do a big brunch party every New Year. The DIY waffle bar is by far my biggest hit with kids AND adults. I usually do a couple of fruit compotes, toasted nuts and whipped cream, plus butter and maple syrup, of course. Maybe sprinkles for the kids.

      1. Anything with bacon in it seems to please the youngsters in our crowd. I make cornmuffins with chunks of cheddar and bacon (pre-cooked, but you knew that...) and they always do well with kids who like the hand-held aspect.

        Another kind of fun thing is to make jelly-shots with fresh grapefruit can use pink grapefruit or tint.

        If it is still nice weather where you are (it is here) you can finish with coffee granitas (NOT for kids, of course)...granitas have the advantage of not requiring all the coffee equipment and last -minute fussing of the hot variety.

        1. Assuming adult supervision, Egg Sailboats (deviled eggs with a mast and sail stuck in)
          Cinnamon Buns - regular and/or mini
          Breakfast Pizzas - for the kids maybe eggs and tomato and cheese on english muffins?
          Homemade (Mini) Bagels and Cream Cheese - the kids may do well enough on this and fruit
          (Homemade) Granola and Yogurt (or [Homemade] Ricotta Cheese)
          Hakuna Matata Frittata
          Breakfast Burritos - the kids will enjoy the assembly and picking their own ingredients

          i also like splatgirl's waffle bar idea.