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Sep 27, 2012 04:53 AM

Driving through Bavaria next week

Fellow chowhounds,

Please help me find some restaurants/gasthauses, etc for my drive through Bavaria next week.
We will be in Wurzburg Monday 1st October, Rothenburg Tues Oct 2, Dinkelsbuhl Oct 3, and most likely in Lindau on Thursday Oct 4.
We are looking for good food, and good atmosphere, serving either "Traditional" or "modern" German cuisine is sought. I want to avoid touristic restaurants and I know there are many. Price range 80 Euro for 2, less is fine, more is ok, if it's very good.

If you have any suggestions for Munich as well I would also appreciate that.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Sorry to see you got no replies. I will be in Dinkelsbühl next month and was wondering if you had any suggestions. I would also like to skip the super tourist spots but my budget is a bit lower €25 to €35 pp

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      We had a coffee/bier and late lunch at Meisers Cafe Restaurant Goldenes Lamb was quite good on Weinmarkt 10.
      Dinner was across the street, at Restaurant Sonne Cafe - Weinmarkt 11. It was a cozy restaurant. It felt like a gasthof, personal, not too large, and casual. We were there w 2 children and they doted on the little ones.
      It wasn't high dining, but it was solid food from the region!
      If you get a chance, and are near Wurzburg, just outside of Wurzburg is a small village called Eibelstadt. It's a charming village set beside the vineyards, partially intact walls and towers - which people have made into homes. In this charming village, we had an exquisite dinner at Weinforum Franken. It was simply fantastic! Kurbis was in season when there, and the menu featured kurbis (pumpkin/ or more accurately hokkaido squash). If you make it to Lindau - the Restaurant Old Poste is very good. More formal than casual, but very good. A month later I cant recall the price range, but I remember it being very good value (could be because I live in Dublin and everything is terribly overpriced and most are very average). Sorry I don't have more details, it was now at least 5 weeks ago.

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        We are staying at Meiser's! so good to know. We have been to Lindau and won't be near there this trip but Eibelstadt is very close to our route. Thank you for the help, Cheers

    2. I just came back from Regensburg and absolutely loved it. If you're passing through, check out the inventive cuisine at Meier Ein Lokal on Stadtamhof.

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        Thank you, They are on my list.