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Sep 27, 2012 03:22 AM

MALAGA City (on Sunday and Monday) and GAUCIN

I will be ending my next visit to Spain with a few nights in both Gaucin and Malaga, so am looking for recommendations on where to eat in both cities. Traditional or inventive--either is fine, if emphasis is on top-quality ingredients prepared with care. Budget is flexible.

The caveat is that we will be in Malaga on a Sunday and Monday nights when pickings appear to be slim. (I do see that Dani Garcia's LaMoraga Antonio Martin, near the sea, is open Sundays: if anyone has been, please comment).

We could make lunch our main meal on the Sunday in Malaga if necessary.

I will have a kitchen in Gaucin.

Also: I will be driving from Sevilla to Gaucin and am willing to make a detour for great chow. My interest has been piqued by El Campero in Barbate, but perhaps I can find something great closer to the driving route between the two destinations.

Also, are there any special local items that I should seek out in the Malaga central food market? Malaga raisins?

Muchas gracias!!

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  1. I've no update on Gaucin since my response to your post in March. It's certainly not a city though - just a medium-sized/large (ish) village - so there aren't many options.

    I can't remember the shops, but I think there were enough for our needs - I don't think we had to go elsewhere for out food shopping.

    The Hotel Nacional and some of the shops are hard to find or look closed, so you need to be brave and go through the bead curtains and try the doors!

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      Theresa: Oooops! I probably had Sevilla in mind (our stop before Gaucin) when I wrote "city"!
      I do know that Gaucin is a tiny village, and I am especially grateful for your comments here since there is so little information to be found online. I did find a restaurant outside the town that looks enticing: Caserio Ananda, located near the Gaucin railroad station.

      And of course there seem to be quite a few eateries in town as well.

      I will work up my courage to penetrate the beaded curtains! And certainly report back after my visit, to which I am looking forward very much.

      As for Malaga, I did find a number of appealing looking spots that are open on Sunday, including this chiringuito on the beach. Anyone care to comment?

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        Just want to report back and partly answer my own question. We've been in Gaucin for two days now, and so far the highlight, in fact a highlight of our entire two weeks in Spain thus far, has been the aforementioned Caserio Ananda. This restaurant occupies a former cargo building virtually astride the tracks of the Gaucin station, which is not in Gaucin but in El Colmenar, about a 20-minute descent along a narrow mountain road from Gaucin, or about a 45 minute drive from Cortes de la Frontera on a pisto forestal that cuts through gorgeous cork forest.

        Following complimentary croquetas de bacalao, which were some of the best croquetas of a croqueta-laden vacation, my partner had an excellent risotto de setas (14 euro) (generous portions here) with seasonal mushrooms, while my lamb shanks (tremendous portion again, with two large shanks, 25 euro), tender and crisped on the outside, were the best I've had in Spain outside Pedraza and Sepulveda. This is a dish that I will be remembering, and longing for, for a long time. Accompanied by excellent grilled red peppers with a hefty dose of char.

        Excellent wine list, although we did not indulge due to the somewhat arduous drive ahead of us. On a Thursday afternoon in early November, the place was filed with family groups.

        With water, one tinto de verano, and bread charge, the bill for two of us totalled 46Euro. Open Thursday through Sunday. Tel: 636-13-69-24.

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          Adding photo of Caserio Ananda lamb: