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Sep 27, 2012 12:54 AM

Desperately seeking meat in Allentown

I just moved here from Seattle and am at a loss to find some place to buy all the varieties I am so used to. I am looking for beef liver, beef heart, pork liver, pork heart and kidneys. I am also looking for picnic pork butt cuts or pork butt with fat and skin. Any and all suggestions within Allentown greatly appreciated as transporting pork for extended distances on a motorcycle is not easy.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Have you tried the Allentown Farmer's Market? The link below is to the listing of butchers at the market.

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      1. re: Adenn1

        You might also try to Qmart in quakertown that has several butchers in there.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Thanks but I tried the fair - I don't know what Qmart is but I will try to find it and the below trio doesn't seem to carry what I am looking for at a nice price

          1. re: tigerracing

            You can also try Dietrich's Meats in Krumsville (just west of Allentown off 78)

            1. re: tigerracing

              I have never been there but I have heard good things about Saylor's Meat Market in Hellertown.

          1. re: ithimis

            Dietrichs would be my best bet

            You might also try Peters Brothers in Lenhartsville

            1. re: brookquarry

              Oh my gosh thanks so much I have seen the signs on the side of the freeway but wasn't sure they did unprocessed meats.

              1. re: tigerracing

                While you are tooling around looking for meats, have lunch at Yocco's, best hot dog joint on the east coast (or there abouts)

          2. Opinions vary on many places mentioned here. Just a few comments on the other side to perhaps reshape expectations. While I do not live in the area and can not comment on most of the suggestions made here; I have happened upon two places mentioned here. I find Qmart to be a very scary place and after one unfortunate stop in would never cross the threshold again and Yacco's (a very popular a-town dog house) serves IMHO lousy low quality dogs which are in no way, no how the best dog on the east coast, higher quality can be had at Costco, yes Costco, taste test for yourself. Good luck with the local butchers it should be one area in which the local shops excel.

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            1. re: Bacchus101

              Sorry guys I don't eat out alone and I can't afford it which is why I eat the afore mentioned meats - normally people won't touch the meat I eat but I could get much of the afore mentioned for under $2 a pound - welcome to a woman on a budget!

              1. re: tigerracing

                Tiger, admire your efforts, forced or otherwise, to say within your budget. If when you say "normally people won't touch the meat I eat" you are speaking of less than select cuts and that which is referred to as offal, may cultures have a diet composed of it. The area should abound with opportunities for less expensive cuts of meat. Pa. butchers in small towns and cities should be more than pleased to provide these cuts. I am sure those identified already and others yet to be mentioned will fit your purpose. So sorry I can not help with names and places.

                1. re: tigerracing

                  I apologize I had visions of you making your own sausage or an ethnic dish like haggis. Since it is a budget issue then ignore all of my previous suggestions because they are all custom butchers and unfortunately not cheap. If you are looking to stay within budget check the online weekly ads for Bottom Dollar or Aldi. They usually have some meat on an incredible sale to get you into the store to buy the things not on sale. Like chicken thighs for 0.67/lb this week or ground chuck for $1.78.

                  1. re: ithimis

                    Good suggestion on Aldi.

                    I do know Aldi from my area and they have great prices on many items. All first quality just not US National Brands. Have some neighbors who could shop anywhere and love Aldi!

                    1. re: Bacchus101

                      Thanks guys but chicken is the only thing I have found around here below $2 a pound and I am getting very tired of thighs and legs after over two months of nothing else. Well I do eat I will keep trying. I used to get all the great Offal at our local Seafood Market where not only did they have the afore mentioned but even fish cheap enough for me to buy- and the freshest around.

                      1. re: tigerracing

                        humble suggestion:
                        develop a taste for pizza
                        (also get costco membership. worth it for the yeast alone)
                        you can go a long way eating vegetarian,
                        if you spice your diet with liver & other meats
                        occasional like.

                        1. re: Chowrin

                          Much appreciated...lactose intolerant and sodium sensitive means I haven't had pizza in 12 well other than what I make at home. Vegatarian might work for some but I need too much protien as I work out 2+ hours a day...I really do appreciate all the help - I will let you all know if I find what I am looking

                          1. re: tigerracing

                            don't forget eggs! it's classic cheap food cuisine... ;-)

                            1. re: Chowrin

                              See above been eating them for years-thanks though!

                      2. re: Bacchus101

                        Ok will take a look see there is an Aldi just down the street

                  2. re: Bacchus101

                    Theres not Costco here, (there will be, soon) but what I can tell you about Yocco's is that it isn't the hot dogs-----they are shrivelly, salty, and bitter by themselves----its the chili and cheese and the rolls; the doggies literally melt in your mouth when you eat them. Im kinda of a fan of the hot water El Cheapo Sabret's when it comes to hot dogs, to be frank, the scarier the better, but there is something wonderfully unique about a Yoccos dog.

                    Agreed with QMart. Been shopping there for 35 years.I go there just to look at the shoppers and remind myself how fortunate I am. Best hot pretzels and redneck pizza on the planet, though.

                    As for fresh meats, you cant go wrong at the Allentown Farmers Market, and if you pick your spots, you'll be able to negotiate some good prices.

                    1. re: danfromallentown

                      This post is really old what do you mean by Qmart? My dad has been kind enough to gift me every Christmas and b'day with Deitrichs there is nothing better but way to expensive with out gift card

                      1. re: tigerracing

                        Qmart is Quakertown Farmers Market. Best sticky buns in the area. Decent butchers, some ok produce stands and a hispanic restaurant that makes some real authentic food.


                  3. Several places might be of interest though you may have to check ahead for the cuts you want. One is the pork store in Blooming Glen, an old fashioned butcher:
           Don't be put off by the 'catering' word on their website -- they have a retail store.

                    Another good source -- and closer -- is Baringer Bros. Meat in Richlandtown and at the Allentown Farmer's market. We used them to process our lamb for many years and they'll provide whatever cuts you like. If they're not familiar with a cut, bring instructions and they'll take good care of you.

                    FYI: There's a halal butcher in Allentown, very clean and personable with good Turkish food on site:

                    Dietrich's is about 20 minutes from Allentown and they have a wide selection of meats and lovely smoked meats and poultry (including smoked duck!) Lard, too.

                    If you feel like an outing, you might consider Illg's Meat, A German butcher near Warrington where you could, almost literally, eat off the floor. Super selection of meat and ethnic specialties such as landjager and weisswurst. Check their hours of business before you go. They're not as busy on weekdays if you can get there.

                    Hope this helps!

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                    1. re: kickshaw

                      Thank you all the above are much too expensive. I have found a market in a bad neighborhood that $1 or $2 is what I need for my limited budget. Thanks

                        1. re: mookleknuck

                          Little Apple on 7th. Seriously don't leave your car for long. I just run straight back to the meat grab and run out.

                          1. re: tigerracing

                            Thanks. Do you find all that you originally were looking for (beef liver and heart, pork liver, heart, kidneys, butt) at Little Apple? What is the best deal and can you call ahead to make said "meat grab" even faster?

                            1. re: mookleknuck

                              It is a mixed bagged sometimes everything is there sometimes nothing. And I can't find pork butt any where right now which really bums me out. I just run for the back of the store look grab, credit card in hand run to the front, takes me maybe 10 minutes if that.