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Sep 26, 2012 11:00 PM

Can anyone recomend a great steak house in or near Atlanta?

We are going to be in Atlanta in couple of weeks and have been searching online for a great steak house in the area.

From what I have read here on CH, this site is full of very knowledgeable foodies and non-foodies with wonderful advice and recommendations.

As steak lovers, we look for places to try as we visit different cities around the US. I will specify that we are not looking for chains like Ruth Chris or overrated/overpriced local eateries but high quality beef with good service and pleasant atmosphere. We don’t mind paying high prices for a steak dinner when it is truly worth it.

We are staying near the airport but are willing to travel for the right place. Any thoughts?

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    1. re: rcburli

      Well my fav as,always is mckendricks. Incredible steaks. Chops et al not cheap. Had a friend go with ne who travels the while world and said it was the best he'd ever hadif you go ask fror Taco as server. Get the lobster mashed potatoes. It was just,rated 3rd in Atlanta. Bones was first. I dint think steak was as good there. And I dintlike Rathbuns. Service is very unfriendly and they failed health check a few months ago. They were,second mckendricks was 3rd duet to bot having many foreign wines. They are a Cali based wine place. The owners have just this one place. With the drive. It's 25 minutes from yoy. If its too long a drive Bones us very good but not great

    2. Easy, Bone's, Chops, Kevin Rathbun, Hal's, Prime,
      many more. For the really meatcentric, Fogo de Chao.

      1. I think Kevin Rathbun Steak is very good.

        1. Another vote for Bones.

          1. Bones or McKendrick's.