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Sep 26, 2012 09:21 PM

Paula Deen's Bloopers-R Rated

I figured I would throw this up here since I don't see it here yet :)

"Paula Deen’s cooking isn’t just full of butter — it’s also mighty salty!

The queen of Southern cuisine curses up a cordon bleu streak in a “blooper reel” — dropping the swear words “motherf--kers” and “shee--t” as often as she drops lard and bacon grease in her frying pan.

In another part of the video — which consists of outtakes and bloopers from her show — Deen fumbles around the kitchen to the sound of someone passing gas.

She even pretends to perform a sex act on a chocolate eclair shortly before declaring, “My ass ain’t pretty no more!” "

video at:

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    1. re: mojoeater

      me, too -- somehow I figured she was a closet pottymouth.

      Also confirms my suspicions that once in a while they taste a recipe and think WTF?

    2. Even before seeing this, I always thought Paula Deen was a filthy beast. And not in a bad way at all - I would have been shocked if she used words like drat and aw shucks!

      A woman who boils water starting with a stick of butter has no business sounding like a church lady.

      Come on, Paula. Tell those muthaphuckas how it really is. :)

      1. I am embarrassed for her

        i know this schtick is the nature of being in the 'industry' - been there done that

        but deen and bourdain-style (or no style) over substance?

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        1. re: madeliner

          wait a minute -- "someone who has never cooked something" -- you do realize that both Bourdain and Deen own restaurants that they started from scratch by themselves, right? Both are professional chefs in their own right who have fed thousands of people -- so yes, they've cooked at least something (or 2 things). They both published books long before either of them had a television show, too.

          Take them to task for other things -- but you really can't bust their chops for not having done their time in a professional kitchen.

          1. re: sunshine842

            I am not busting either of their chops-I dont care ttytt-

            yes Paula has paid her dues

            but I would still call BS on bourdain

            have you ever seen him cook anything on tv or you tube?

            I never have

            if you have please let me know then I'll admit I am wrong

            1. re: madeliner

              You can see A B cook on Netflix on an episode in his old restaurant and an episode in New Zealand with wild boar and pavlova:)

              1. re: Lillipop

                did it look good after it was done? I will look for it online

                ty lillipop!

                1. re: madeliner

                  I think AB butchered the boar for the rack they stuffed and cooked. It was a simple "home cook" dish.The pavlova required much more fine motor skills and expertise I believe Tony whipped the egg whites by hand and the pavlova looked scrumptious. The boar looked ok if you like to eat wild game.All the Kiwi's dining with him looked happy and it seemed as if the food tasted great to them. When he "cooked" in his "restaurant" kitchen (from back in the day) he WAS hopelessly LOST in that manic environment because he has been gone too long and his skills though intact are a bit slower from lack of performance. My impression from the Kiwi show is that he can cook his butt off when he wants to.

              2. re: madeliner

                Whether or not you've seen him cook, he was a working chef in NYC for something like 25 years. He was never a renowned master like Thomas Keller or anything, but dude knows his food.

                1. re: cowboyardee

                  And he went back to the line at Les Halles with Chef Eric Ripert to work a lunch/dinner double within the last few years. That was one of the best No Reservations shows. :-)


                2. re: madeliner

                  yes, i have seen him cook on t.v. (on the 'no reservations' television program) and on youtube (on eric ripert's show there).
                  i accept your admittance.

                  1. re: madeliner

                    My favorite is Bourdain's Provence episode. He stays with a family and they show him all of their traditional dishes. At the end of his visit he offers to prepare a meal for them. He visits all the local purveyors, vegetable market, butcher, cheese shop, bakery to assemble the ingredients for his meal. Which he then prepares and serves the family and their friends.

                    Everyone was polite and seemed to enjoy their meal, but they gave him a lot of friendly criticism. His take on ratatouille, IIRC, was not at all on the mark.

                    1. re: madeliner

                      Cook or chef, Bourdain has always cooked. I may be wrong, but I don't think he's ever had a job besides that of a cook/chef. His experience began in a kitchen back in his late teens.

                      What derailed his career was his drug and alcohol abuse - not that uncommon in the restaurant industry.

                3. R - rated? I was hoping for a boob flash. Kind of clever on Paula's part, she didn't want any part of the blooper reel, so just make it something the goody-little-house-on-the prarie crowd wouldn't like. As an adult, I found it amusing (what I saw if it anyway). And what about that hack sandra lee's out takes?

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                  1. re: BiscuitBoy

                    Shamdra Lee has outtakes? Oh wait. You're talking about her entire show. Got it.

                      1. re: LindaWhit


                        I think the best part in the clip above is when she says, "F*** me." I've never heard anyone else say it any differently than they might say "F*** you!", but when she says it, it sounds like a request. HA HA HA. And know what? I actually think more of Sandra for being a real person, one who among friends would talk JUST LIKE THAT. It was funny! And it's real. Now, her semihomemade creations, OTOH...

                        Don't say I never gave you anything, Linda! ;)

                        1. re: kattyeyes

                          I laughed when she says "I'm semi-homemade" and grasps her breasts... I guess they're 70% store-bought and 30% natural, just like the rest of her recipes. (Please, nobody take offense without watching the video to see what I mean.)

                      2. re: BiscuitBoy

                        Sandra still drives me bonkers, but there was a short YouTube video where she drops a few blue words.

                      3. Have you seen the Paula Deen in France special? There is a great scene where she is talking to a vendor selling roast chicken. She speaks no French, he speaks no English, yet they managed a wonderful/hilarious conversation about plump (chicken) breasts...