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Sep 26, 2012 07:45 PM

quick overnight in Providence, RI.

I'll probably be eating by myself, which means with a book, so it can't be too dark. Recommendations for something good but not too expensive? maybe Thai, or Indian, with a glass of wine? Or seafood, which I'm eating more and more of. I've had lots of Italian lately, so probably something other than that, unless it's seafood in which case okay.

I'll be in a hotel in the downtown area, can't remember if it's the Marriot or Hyatt, but somewhere central is my guess, and I'll have a car. Thanks.

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  1. Hello from a fellow Boston hound! Have you already taken your trip? Lots of places in the downcity area. Since you mentioned Asian, maybe for some cheesy but fun and tasty Asian, Jacky's at Waterplace?

    I love Red Fez, but it might be too dark?

    There's a tapas place on Westminster.

    And this is a good resource.

    Since you have a car, though, anything is possible (Chez Pascal, La Laiterie, Haruki, Nick's on Broadway).

    1. Where to eat in Providence