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Sep 26, 2012 05:59 PM

Looking for Chicken & Rice (NYC Street Food)

Back from NYC... and all I can think of is 53rd & 6th's Halal chicken & rice!

Is this even remotely possible to find here in Dallas?

While I'm at it, authentic ramen recommendations? Looking for Ippudo, Totto caliber please.

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  1. Hope this is helpful.....

    For home made ramen in Dallas, try Sushism in Carrollton or
    Sapporo in Richardson.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      I've been on the same quest.

      Nothing close to the Halal cart at a restaurant here. I've had somewhat of success at home with the rice part of it

      Sapporo has decent ramen but just missing the depth that Ippudo or Totto has. Tei An in Dallas has the most authentic broth in the area but missing the toppings.

      1. re: twinwillow

        Thanks, I have yet to try Sapporo... but I've read mixed reviews on the place and a bit hesitant.

      2. You talking about the guys in the picture below?? Nothing close to that here. I feel what you mean though. Simple, cheap, filling and somewhat healthy

        Ramen is tricky. We really don't have that either. Tei An might be the best place...maybe Teppo? I had ramen in LA at Santouka. The next two pictures are of that ramen and shoyu marinated hard boiled egg. I still have yet to find anything remotely close.

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          1. re: _iAKT

            Tei An or Mr. Max would be the top bets for ramen in Dallas. Nothing close to Ippudo/Hide-Chan/Santouka level quality unfortunately though.

            1. re: air

              I dunno man, Tei An is pretty damn amazing for everything but they're pretty expensive due to the location and quality.

              I heard about the new ramen place in Austin and I'd love a good and decently priced place here.

              Also I noticed no one has any ideas for NY style halal chicken and rice. Are none of the middle eastern places in town making it? That's a pretty shocking oversight, but I have yet to hear about a decent shawarma place in town too. (Did have a guy tell me he was opening a place called Kebab-chi in Arligton but they've got zero web presence thus far.)

              1. re: el_matarife

                Try Afrah on Main Street in Richardson. Excellent Middle Eastern food.
                Great lunch buffet, too.


              2. re: air

                I used to live a couple blocks away from Ippudo... Ah, memories (I liked Kambi too)... I've started to look up recipes for making traditional ramen broth since I found places to buy pork neck bones and pork belly for the chashu.

          2. New York Eats in arlington by UTA is what you're looking for.

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            1. re: DRuss

              DRuss, you just made my day! They have chicken, lamb, combo?

              1. re: demigodh

                Yeah Chicken & gyro meat just like the carts, check their yelp listing

            2. Can't help with the chicken. And I'm not a huge fan of ramen, so I certainly haven't tried all the places here, nor spent any meals in the city on it.

              With that caveat, we went to the newish and much praised Ten Ramen not too long ago and thought it was excellent. Only down side was the wait (not all that bad on the night we were there) and learning their ordering system. As for the latter, you put your order in yourself on a waiter type terminal. Lots of customization alternatives for you ramen. The tech phobic just can't eat there, I fear. But it was simple enough for me, who can run a computer but dislikes technology, especially badly designed tech, enough that I mostly refuse to check out myself at the grocery store. If you can self check out, ordering and paying for your ramen will be no problem.

              1. For Raman try Monta Raman on Coit Rd and Arapaho Rd. in Richardson

                I suggested it to several Japanese co workers adn thney have all been back several times.