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Sep 26, 2012 04:25 PM

In Philly for a night...

Any suggestions where to eat Saturday night (for two)? I used to live in Philly but haven't been there in a year. Vetri is booked but seems as if almost anything else is available. I used to love Barclay Prime but I was there a year ago and it wasn't as great as it was and I've heard it's gone downhill since. Have been to Osteria a few times and enjoy it but want to try something different. Price isn't really an issue.

Zahav? Bistrot la Minette? Meme? While all are supposed to be good, none really appeal to me as interesting/great places to eat. Then again, I've never been to any.

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  1. Do you like Greek seafood?
    Estia is excellent if pricy but worth it.

    1. This Saturday night? Meme is closed permanently. My pick for the best place that's opened since you were here last is Vedge, on the 1100 block of Locust, but it's booked for Saturday until 9pm. Also new and very good are Jamonera (the newest place by the owners of Lolita and Barbuzzo), also Will BYOB and Stateside, both on East Passyunk Ave. You should also stop by Hop Sing Laundromat for drinks if possible.

      Zahav is great too, if they have tables and you've never been I'd go there in a heartbeat. I'm not a huge fan of Bistrot La Minette.

      1. Second Will byob. Also Pumpkin, Bibou (if you can get in - don't just trust Opentable but call them). Littlefish is still as good as ever.

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          I'd second Zahav. I at things there I had no idea I'd enjoy. And the lamb (if you order the Mesibah) is outstanding.

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            Two other places to consider, Rittenhouse Tavern (former chef at Le Bec Fin). Russett. I think both of these are chef driven places with very good food.

        2. Zahav's food is both interesting and great. IMO obviously. Bistrot la Minette is good but I'd go elsewhere for one night in town.

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            I agree with Barry. For one night in town go for it!

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              I will make the general comment that Zahav is a love it or hate it place. And a lot depends on what you order. The lamb is spectacular. I am still waiting to try the steak for two. Dishes like the duck heart or the sweetbreads are great, but may not be for everyone. Some people adore the Turkish hummus others not so much. If you order the standard Tayim tasting menu, get run of the mill dishes, (say Moroccan chicken) you may come away saying good but...