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Sep 26, 2012 03:47 PM

Eats After Leaving JFK at Rush Hour

I have to drop someone at JFK airport tomorrow, Thursday at 4pm. Then two of us want to stop for something to eat before driving back to eastern LI. I think it would be best not to travel too far until the traffic subsides a little. Not looking for adventurous food like Caribbean near the airport.. Probably Italian, Greek or good seafood would be best. Maybe drive as far as Elmont, Valley Stream or Rockville Centre. Or we would be willing to drive down the Nassau Expwy towards Atlantic Beach, Long Beach or Five Towns area for something good. Thanks in advance.

I also posted this on NY board since the airport seems right on the cusp, wasn't sure where would be best.

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  1. Drive to Flushing and get seafood at Imperial Palace

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      I actually wanted to go to Flushing or Whitestone but was afraid of what the traffic would be like that time of day. I don't mind a small amount of stop and go but don't want to end up sitting and crawling on the Van Wyck Expwy for an hour+. Any idea what the driving is like in that area at 4-4:30 pm?

      1. re: gnocchi

        We like the pizza at Nick's in Rockville Centre. Their calamari is above average also..
        Or a lobster roll @ Jordans in Island Park...

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          It's been a couple of years for me, but I used to make that run every day- it would take about a half-hour to get from JFK to the Grand Central merge. The traffic was bad, but not 'hour+' bad.

          Another option may be to get off the Van Wyck at Kew Gardens Hills. There is a great Israeli schwarma/felafel place called Grill Point near the intersection of Jewell Ave and Main Street, not too far off of the expressway. If you go you have to get the house-made laffa bread., and the salad bar is pretty varied and impressive. Then you can head up Main Street towards the LIE to get back to LI.