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Sep 26, 2012 03:11 PM

Help needed for office party dinner

My office is looking to host a dinner for 50-60 persons. Food should be god but does not need to be a gastronomic experience. Ideally we are looking for a convivial spot within a 5-6 km radius of downtown, so anywhere from Griffintown to the Plateau. Price: between $65 and $80 pps wine included. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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  1. We had our last Christmas party at Wood 35 on St Laurent. We were more than that (I'd say about 80 or so), and they were able to rent out the most part of the restaurant to us. Food was good, but not amazing, and I believe price point was around there too. Everyone enjoyed it.

    1. Daylight Factory on St-Alexandre near Viger. They are only open for lunch, so you could have the whole place to yourselves for dinner, and the max occupancy is somewhere around 60. Very nice owner/staff, they will create a menu to your price point, and the place itself is casual but modern.

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        Thanks to both chefj and mikjo - I have been to Daylight Factory for lunch and my company even had a casual 5 à 7 there a few months ago, but I think we are looking from something more substantial foodwise.

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          They do real (substantial, standard) meals for groups, they sure did for a wedding a couple of years ago.

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