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Sep 26, 2012 02:31 PM

Question about donuts from these places: Staccato Gelato, Sesame, Acme, Heavenly

When I search for the best donuts in Portland on Chowhound, a few places come up that have very little (or no) description of the actual donuts: Staccato Gelato, Sesame, Acme, Heavenly. Assuming Portland Chowhounds think any/all of these places are good, I'd love to know more about why. What are the donuts like in terms of texture, selection of flavors, etc? And what is your favorite thing to order if you're a regular?

The reason I'm asking is that we're working on a new Chowhound List for Portland, and these places came up repeatedly....but there's little more information. Do you think Sesame, Acme, Staccato, or Heavenly should be included? If so, why?

For some examples of other recent Chowhound lists, see:

Dave MP

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  1. Coco and Moody's should be on the list.

    Sesame is pretty good. It feels like an old Dunkin' that was bought and is now an indie. The eponymous sesame donut is a neat not too sweet option with a bit of Middle Eastern flair, IMO. They have a lot to choose from, all the classics for sure, but have some tasty seasonals like pumpkin. Their Portland Cream is a great cream donut with icing and the Butternut is very tasty as well.

    Acme is OK. Some interesting flavors (PB & J is good). Large selection of vegan stuff (blech). Love that they make their iced coffee with ice cubes made of coffee. It's OK, not awesome.

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    1. re: JillO

      Thanks for the info! Yes, Coco and Moody's are both already on the list!

      1. re: Dave MP

        Also Heavenly is a bit better than Dunkin' with a similar selection, chain feel (which it is)...I'm put off by the bible stuff on their boxes, YMMV.

        I'm not a huge donut consumer...even less so these days.

        I work up in NE Portland and the closest place to work is Tonalli's so their donuts are often around the office. They look good, but I tend to resist their siren call.

        Less donuts = more cocktails...gotta pick and choose the empty calories I consume these days. ;o)

        1. re: JillO

          We've sampled the Tonalli's offerings at Ristretto a couple times on our two recentish visits. I recall the sour cream blueberry one being particularly toothsome.

    2. Sesame has a blueberry and pumpkin cake donut that can't be touched. Not so good the second or third day so only buy what will be eaten.

      1. Re Staccato gelato,

        they make cake donuts only. I think they have about 10 varieties including a few odd ones like cardamom-sugar coated. I think they are weekend only on the donuts.

        Tonalli's and Annie's are also worthy.

        1. I just started working at a Winery in Yamhill and I drive by Sesame Donuts in Tigard every day at 6:00 am. Maybe I'll stop tomorrow and pick up a couple dozen donuts for the crew that's hard at work picking/processing grapes at the winery right now. I see the open sign on every morning and always think about stopping.

          1. There aren't many good yeast donuts in this town...cake donuts seem to be the thing here. I love Sesame Donut's namesake and I've had Staccato Gelato's cake donuts as well. I'd say Sesame Donuts are my fave in this town. I hope Voodoo is not on your their attitude, but can't find much good to say about the actual product.