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Sep 26, 2012 01:21 PM

Milano Market, 89th st, UES

I was in this area today and was drawn in to this place by the beautiful display of a large variety of breads in the window. All I can say is WOW! An extraordinary variety of picture perfect breads, all gorgeous. The baguette and the ciabatta was fantastic! The other ones look great as well. I never asked where these breads are from...

The other surprise once you get inside is the deli. Some really professional staff behind the counter, and the Chicken Cutlet sandwich I ordered on one of their breads was beautifully prepared and tasted amazing! They were making other sandwiches for customers that looked fabulous too! The salads are gorgeous, I got some cucumber salad and antipasto salad. When I tried it later, the latter had about 6 types of salamis in it. Good stuff too, not cheap supermarket cold cut types.

This place is a hidden gem! It's not very big, but for bread, sandwiches and deli, it literally blows the doors off Agata or Grace's, also on the UES. Worth the trip here! Prices were seemingly not that high for this area, either.

Anybody else been to Milano? Anybody know where the breads are from?

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  1. Milano definitely has a great deli counter, but I don't know if I would go so far as to say I'd go out of my way just to pay a visit. Still their prices are very reasonable (especially for grated cheeses and imported anchovies) and the food is good for what it is. They also have a location in Morningside Heights.

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      The Morningside Heights store is not affiliated with the UES one.

    2. I walk by fairly often and always notice the crazy big selection of bread, at random hours. I can't imagine the shop sells out every day. I would agree that it's not a destination place. I've always been curious as to whether the bread is delivered daily.

      1. Milano has been there practically forever, as food shops go, and I'm very fond of the prepared foods, Italian cookies and biscotti, and fresh pasta and sauces -- all very high quality, delicious, and reasonably priced. Some of the breads are very good, some look better than they taste. It's a great option for me in the neighborhood but I certainly wouldn't say it "blows the doors off" Agata & Valentina.