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Sep 26, 2012 01:20 PM

Talk about hung up!

CH has been balky and bog-slow for a week now. "Reply" doesn't work, or then it'll give me a box and then drop it, and when I do hit the Post button it's the rotating worm for five or ten minutes. So I went to Site Talk and selected the "Hung up" thread, which eventually showed up. I read the various responses, then did Reply to add my own bit of woe. Or rather I hit the button, and got nada. Not even a blink. Well, there was a line about refreshing and trying again. How quaint. So I emptied the cache, to no avail. Twice.

It's not any equipment problem on my end. High-speed cable connection and top-end Apple modem; an admittedly elderly iMac, but every other website flows like water. This one, more like a clogged ice-maker. For some reason I'm wanting to blame all those zillions of big, noisy ads - this site is beginning to look like a 99¢ Store ad with a bit of content floating down one side. Congratulations on your commercial success. Now give me a zippier Chowhound, please.

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  1. Hi Will Owen,

    As you can see in this discussion, we've been investigating issues with the "reply" button. Thanks,

    Dave MP

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    1. re: Dave MP

      not fixed yet!
      and it is taking for ever for the site to open generally.

    2. Every time I read another complaint that echoes mine, I'm happy to hear it's not just me. CH has gotten so balky and slow, that I have taken to opening it in two separate tabs so I don't have to stare at the rotating worm forever. This is becoming an annoying turn-off.

      1. Okay, yesterday the Reply button was not working at all. Today it's working, but the site still appears to flow like cold magma. Clicking and re-clicking on links makes me think of those idiots who keep repeatedly pushing the WALK button, except in this case it sometimes works … Yes, roxlet, I have my Thunderbird mail open as well and go play there while I'm waiting for CH to move.