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Sep 26, 2012 10:18 AM

Vallejo This Thursday

Good morning. A business trip will find me in Vallejo for one night this week (Thursday). A quick search through the board doesn't yield a rich set of results, to say the least . Any suggestions where I might grab a good bite for one? I'm perfectly cool with venturing out a little bit for something yummy. My last trip up to the Bay Area in June found me dining at Manresa, French Laundry, and Aziza. This Friday, I snagged a reso for the counter at Commis. Doesn't have to be uber-fancy, but def something good. Thanks in advance!

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  1. This sounded like a promising alternative to the usual Mexican and BBQ dives:

    1. Napa is in the vicinity so that should open the door to many possibilities. Search the Napa board for recommendations.

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        Second this for dinner (lunch probably too much a hassle). Napa is about half an hour away, and there is:

        Morimoto's and Grace's Table

        The Sonoma Town Square is a little further, but not by much there is:

        La Salette and El Dorado Kitchen

      2. Wondering if anyone has tried Vallejo Power Company Bar & Grill?!...

        1. If you are just going to be in Vallejo for lunch, I have several suggestions:
          Good Day Cafe downtown on Georgia Street - their thin & crispy pancakes are amazing, no matter what time I go I always have them. They only stay open until 3.
          Red Onion - Springs Road only a couple of blocks from 80. The Pinole outpost of this place was a Chronicle bargain bite. Niman Ranch burgers that are better than Gott's up in Napa, and these amazing sweet potato chips. They also have excellent desserts, but on Thursdays the pickings are usually slim.
          Gracie's, also downtown at the corner of Virginia & Sonoma, great BBQ. Somewhat limited menu.
          Yo Sushi, off 780 in the Safeway shopping center at the Glen Cove Rd exit. Good sushi (and my husband is a sushi snob), and nice selection of Japanese standard items, one that is bigger than what you sometimes see at non-sushi Japanese restaurants. This place, while you order at a counter, has really good food, better than what I've had at restaurants in Japantown.

          Red Onion, Yo Sushi & Gracie's are open for dinner as well.

          You won't find anyplace much in Vallejo that has much atmosphere; these are all casual.

          If you want to venture up to Napa, because it's the crush most places will be crowded. I'd go to BarBer Q's myself. It's good and it isn't crowded. But it is on the north end of Napa. If you want to be closer to downtown, I'd pick Pizza Azzuro.

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              Thank you for the tips. My trip wound up getting postponed, but wound up eating at Gracie's. The staff was super sweet, but the food was not that memorable. If I get up there again, I have some other joints to try out.

            2. If the OP was going to be there for lunch I would have suggested Dillon Bread for a sandwich and if there at the right time on Thursday perhaps a chance at the Texas corn bread with chiles to take home.