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Sep 26, 2012 09:56 AM

"New Mex/Mex" restaurants in Houston

Reading about those green chile burgers in Houston made me so hungry for New Mexico-style Mexican food. I happened to have had a chat with a saleswoman at a local Pier 1 who mentioned she was born and raised in New Mexico. I asked her if she had found any great Houston restaurants that served New Mexico-style food, and she said that she just loves Santa Fe Flats. Said they serve stacked enchiladas, New Mexico style, and when you order anything requiring chile sauce, the server asks "green or red" just like in New Mexico.

I lived in New Mexico for a total of about five years or so, and had lots of relatives that lived there. When I was a teenager, I often spent summers with my grandparents up in the Farmington/Durango/Four Corners area, so that food is rooted pretty deeply in my heart.

So to speak.

It is definitely my favorite of the various border Mexican cuisines - Tex/Mex, Arizona/Mex, Cali/Mex, etc.

Have any of you tried Santa Fe Flats?

Or know of any other restaurants in the Houston area that specialize in the enchanting cuisine of New Mexico?

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  1. I'm intrigued.

    Here's a link to their website:

    It looks pretty good Jaymes. When are we going???


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    1. Chuy's has the most authentic NewMex style green chile (or is it chili) I have found in Houston.

      1. I too love NM cuisine and I am red to my DH's green. They also use more white cheese than Houston TexMex which is a delicious change of pace. Going to try this place, thanks for the tip.

        1. The original comment has been removed