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Sep 26, 2012 08:59 AM

Thai Shan Inn

Hello fellow chowhounds,

I feel compelled to do a write up on my experience at this restaurant last week.
First off, i went this place after reading someones post on here who claimed this place was up there with Sukhothai.......LOL...

We ordered a medium Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai and Beef Lettuce Wraps, they offered free "vegetarian spring rolls" with our order.

The soup was the best part which doesn't say much because the soup base for sure wasn't made with broth as the flavor was weak. Two tiny shrimps that didn't taste fresh and overall just mediocre.

It gets worse.

The Pad Thai was terrible, sauce was way too liquidy and no flavor. THere were maybe 3 or 4 little pieces of chicken and tofu and again a couple of small overcooked shrimp....

The spring rolls were these 2 fat disgusting rolls, dripping with oil. THe contents..... vermicelli...that's it. They were the absolute worst spring rolls I've ever had...not even close....Thanks for the freebie!!

It gets worse...

The lettuce wrap was literally a few spoonfuls of ground meat surrounded with a ton of raw green and rep pepper!!!! WTF????
True thai lettuce wraps have 90% , lime and some thinly sliced red onion....

You couldn't even wrap the mixture with the lettuce because the massive chunks of raw pepper got in the way!!!!

Anyways i told the server that this gui lau knew what a lettuce wrap was and they should be embarrrased for serving this food.

I'll never go back and hopefully anyone who reads the other post reads this one as well and saves themselves the aggravation I experienced.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Haven't been there for years, actually when they were nearby on Eglinton West and your report is so different than the then tasty and enjoyable food!

      1. I was there at the beginning in the 1980s? 90s? It was all so new, the "first" Thai place in town, out on Eg West, Lineups, Slow service. Remarkable food...Maybe we didn't know any better?

        We were so young and foolish then, just moving on from -- wait for it -- szechuan food.

        For the memory of the Thai Shan Inn, I'd hope that none of the original principals are still with them. Sounds miserable now...

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        1. re: Dean Tudor

          Wandee Young started Thai Shan Inn and she is long gone - decades - from from there.

          I would like to hear from the experiences of others. On Eglinton they did a good workaman like job- to my farang tastes.