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Sep 26, 2012 08:39 AM

Anyone know where to buy CANNED CHORIZO in the San Diego area?

My son currently living and working in Japan, and he's longing for some Chorizo, so I'm trying to find some Canned Chorizo so I can send him a "care package". I have visited a few stores, but am unable to find anything but the fresh stuff which would be difficult and cost-prohibitive to send via mail. I could probably order something on-line, but that will be a last resort - as I really want to buy it locally (and try it) before shipping some off to Japan.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. My men love chorizo, but they also will eat happily Soyrizo. It comes in a link like the real stuff. I think it has to be refrigerated once it's opened but not sure if it's not. In scrambled eggs it's tough to detect Soyrizo's not the real thing.

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      Interesting. I'll look for it. If it doesn't need to be refrigerated it might be an acceptable option - I'll have to try it myself first though (haven't had much luck with vegetarian or vegan products to date). Thanks!

    2. Have you been to Northgate Market on 43rd? Frankly, I've never seen canned chorizo and am not even sure it's available, but if it is, Northgate or Vallarta markets would be your best bets. Look in the aisle with all the canned meat products (like tuna).

      There is a canned product that you could send as a possible substitute, and that is Chilorio. Chilorio is a long simmered pork dish from Sinoloa that is made with chiles, onions, garlic, cumin, and vinegar, in other words most of the usual chorizo ingredients. It is shredded rather than ground as chorizo would be, and doesn't have nearly the fillers that chorizo in the U.S. does. It is delicious straight up served with warm flour (or corn) tortillas, rice or refried beans and a salad or used as a filling for tacos and burritos or a topping for tostadas.

      Chilorio is sold in flat 6 oz cans (like tuna) in the U.S. and might be similar enough in flavor to satisfy the craving. You could get a can and send it and see how your son likes it.

      It is possible to ship things on dry ice in the U.S., I'm not sure how possible it is to ship things on dry ice internationally. If it is possible, you could buy some regular chorizo, freeze it and then pack it on dry ice and ship it overnight, which is still going to be pricy.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check out those markets as well as the Chilorio (Excellent idea!) - that might indeed be enough to satisfy his craving. Yes, I considered the dry ice method, but it would be cost prohibitive. Thanks again!

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          I still haven't made it over to Northgate Market, but did manage to get to a Vallarta Market. Very helpful staff there, but unfortunately no canned or cured Chorizo. I 'did' manage to find a couple different styles of canned pulled pork that was spiced. One was in an Adobo sauce, and the other was, ummm... something different. LOL! Don't recall. But none-the-less, not a total strike-out. With any luck they will be something that my son likes. I hope to make it over to Northgate Market this weekend sometime. Just wanted to thank you again for the suggestions. I forgot to look for the Chilorio when I was over at Vallarta Market :-( and am a bit bummed about that. But hopefully I'll have better luck at Northgate... Thanks again!

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            Now that I think about it - that canned pulled pork that I found might very well have been "Chilorio" - LOL! I'll have to look at it again when I get home! ;-)

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          1. Have you tried Walmart? An online search shows it is available at some of their stores. Just type in your zip code at their website.

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              When I first started looking a few weeks ago I did check the Walmart website, but they don't seem to carry it in San Diego. Thanks though!

            2. You might be able to FEDEX overnight some fresh chorizo and have the package packed with dry ice.

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                Thanks, but I've already decided that the dry ice shipping method would be far too expensive an option.