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Sep 26, 2012 08:12 AM

Weekend/bday celebration in Columbus

We're flying into Columbus Friday afternoon to celebrate my "little" cousins 21st. The rest of the group is in their 30's & 40's. We're going to a Columbus Crew game on Saturday but I'd love some suggestions of some fun bars & restaurants to go to. And even some cute places for lunch & breakfast.

What are your must see places? Where would you take friends who were coming into town?

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  1. I'm sorry for the delay in replying, and this is probably too late to help you, but let me give you some suggestions.

    For breakfast/brunch, look up Tasi in the Short North, Pistacia Vera in German Village (it's actually a bakery and has only a couple of breakfast items but they are stellar, plus then you have an excuse to try their incredible baked goods), and Skillet in German Village if you don't mind a possible long wait. I would also recommend Tasi for lunch if you're in the Short North.

    Also check out Northstar Cafe (3 locations, including Easton if you find yourselves there) for any meal. Locally owned, seasonal/organic food where possible, and very, very tasty. They make the best veggie burger I've ever eaten, and the Niman Ranch cheeseburger is also great (as are the fries). At the Easton location I love the Crispy Thai salad. My husband is very partial to their meatloaf.

    If you're shopping at Easton, I would eat at Northstar or Flip Side (burgers and boozy shakes).

    I am not so good with suggesting bars; sorry! Barcelona, in German Village, would have drinks for every taste and also has good food and a great patio, and they have a nice bar area, but it's a restaurant. Gallo's Tap Room is not only a great bar but also has fantastic food; it's ostensibly a sports bar but it's one that I, a non-bar and non-sports bar person who is older than 21 will happily go to. I love their coleslaw, panini sandwiches, and the muffaletta. Mouton on High Street in the Short North has great cocktails and the bacon sashimi appetizer is delicious. Brothers Drake Meadery, just off High Street, has a bar where you can taste their mead and some other local alcohol, but I am not sure if they serve food.

    For something funky in Hilliard, try the Starliner Diner. The decor is kitsch and fun and the menu (American plus Cuban-inspired) is good and will please everyone. I am a big fan of their black beans and rice and their Cuban bread. The salads are good, the walleye (ask if it's not on the menu) is outstanding, and the chicken pot pie is a favorite also.

    Your must-eat place is Jeni's ice cream (various locations around town). Trust me; just go, and sample lots of amazing flavors.

    All of these places I've mentioned would work for a 21-year old and slightly older folks.