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Sep 26, 2012 07:27 AM

What should I order at Kushi?

Just bought 2 groupons for $100 worth of food and drink. I was in Kyoto a few weeks ago and had the best food at a little izakaya called Blossom. I want a similar experience. What are your favorite dishes there (other than sushi) and why?

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  1. You're going to try and replicate your experience in Kyoto at Kushi? You're setting yourself up for disappointment, and utter failure.

    That said, the pork belly and miso cod are good bets for non-sushi items.

    1. Kushi's pork belly skewer isn't bad. They sousvide it first and then grill it so its super tender. Their whole branzino cooked over robata grill is worth trying as well as their age dashi tofu. Between my wife and I we bought a few of those deals but sadly we've noticed that the quality has declined and their menu options have gotten more limited since opening. We use our groupons mostly for drinks and a couple of things to nibble on before going elsewhere for dinner. Best place to get izakaya experience in DC will probably be Seki.

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        Seki is on my list as well but I wanted to try Kushi since the deal seemed so good.

      2. Grilled chicken skin, gizzards, liver. Wash it all down with a Hitachino Nest.

        1. Two thumbs up for Seki, but you asked about Kushi. My favorite dish there is one of the cheapest - marinated Japanese eggplant. It is absolutely delicious.

          1. Not the sushi, they are not good. Half of the grilled items cause they burn them (some catch on fire while grilling). They will defend their burned food to death as if you don't know anything about Japanese food. I agree on the eggplants, just wipe off half of the miso. Some of the cooked items are okay. Sorry you got the groupon. It might be worth what you paid for the groupon if you are lucky. Definitely don't dream that it will be anywhere close to anything in Japan. A roadside food stall would have them beat any day or night. I personally think Kushi is more for trendy DC kids who want to impress their mates than about food. Used to spend hundreds a week eating there when sushi taro wasn't an option. With their poor food and condescending attitude, not anymore.