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Sep 26, 2012 06:43 AM

Greasy Spoon Recommendations Before a Hike in Sabino Canyon

Good morning, We will be in Tucson this weekend for a wedding and would like to hike through Sabino Canyon on Friday morning. Any good recommendations for a greasy spoon breakfast in the area (we're staying at the Lodge at Ventana Canyon) where we can fuel up? Thanks in advance.

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      1. If I recall correctly, the foothills aren't really greasy spoon territory, so you'll probably have to drive 20ish minutes from the Lodge to get to that sort of thing.

        A few years ago we went to Gus Balon's before a hike and really liked it. Nothing fancy, but there are some appealing chowish touches like the fact that they bake all their own bread.

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            Mother hubbards sounds awesome! Homemade sausage, green chile/corn waffle topped with cheese, pumpkin waffle........

          2. Although not a "greasy Spoon", you can get a great breakfast at the Eclectic Cafe on Tanque Verde.