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Sep 26, 2012 06:13 AM

Long Island Garlic Festival

Nothing on the scale of the one in Saugerties, but diverting:

This weekend.

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  1. It looks nice and they are only charging $3.00. I went to the one up in Saugerties over the weekend and they charged each of us $10.00 and we went towards the end of the day. Not really sure what I was paying for because it's basically like a big Farmers Market, it was nice but not sure I'll be back anytime soon, not really worth the $10.00 a head especially for a family. Not to mention we had to deal with really rude parking attendants.

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    1. re: GIOny

      I'm sorry you had such a disappointing experience. I've attended the Saugerties festival since the late 90s and have never encountered a rude worker. Admission is $10 but kids 12 and under are free. I think you're doing it a disservice by calling it a big farmer's market. There are a lot of arts and crafts booths, many food vendors, demonstrations, live music acts and garlic farmers galore. We spent the day there on Sunday and do feel like we got our $20 worth.

      1. re: puss58

        I have to agree with GIOny not worth the trip or the $10.00pp unless maybe you are into garilc ice cream which we are not. We went a couple of times over the years there are too many other things to do in that neck of the woods. Threre is an abundance farms and farm stands, no need to go to the festival to have access to their goods.

    2. I went to the LI festival last year and even though it was $3, it was not worth it. It was small, with many non-garlic vendors. There are many free fairs and festivals out here to spend your time.


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