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Sep 26, 2012 06:11 AM

I Alzheimer's preventable through diet?

A very interesting article from Mark Bittman is in today's NY Times.

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  1. Why is that I only find research from Suzanne M. de la Monte on this idea that Alzheimer's is tied to some sort of insulin resistance in the brain?

    1. Bittman presents so much misinformation about basic concepts surrounding DI and D2 that it's staggering. Zero ethos.

      But hey, the NYT keeps publishing stuff like that. Who am I?

      1. Does Bittman even reply at all to the preponderance of critical (and convincingly critical) comments? It looks like he's over his head, again.

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        1. re: bob96

          To be fair, a great deal of those comments appeal to medical claims that are even more demonstrably false than those Bittman has made.

          Bittman's argument linking Alzheimer's to damage from chronically high blood sugar or insulin resistance in brain tissues is interesting, plausible even, but undersupported at this time. His medical language is disconcertingly imprecise (example- his claim that people are 'born with' DM1, which is technically not true but he probably just meant to distinguish it from DM2 where lifestyle plays an important role), and that has done no favors to his shaky credibility on such issues.

        2. Total nonsense!!!!! ~~ Consider the source!

          1. Of course it is.

            Eat enough greasy fatty foods and you'll die early enough before Alzheimer's even sets in.